I'm a devotee!

I’m actually surprised I earned this one…and a bit skeptical. 365 consecutive days…I’d be surprised given all of the hiking trips and travel I’ve done in the last year. Although most of my hiking trips this past year have been to cabins instead of tents :thinking: And in Australia, I’m fairly certain I didn’t log in each day…so I’m not sure about that badge.


Welcome to the club Chris! I’m kind of surprised it took you so long :wink: .


What?? Just because you are spending family time in an apparent paradise is no reason not to check in with Mudspike at least thrice a day!!! :wink:

Yeah…we are headed to Lake Cumberland, KY this weekend for a week with the cousins on a houseboat…will see how well that works for me. :grin:

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Congrats. As Paul mentioned I am a bit surprised you didn’t already have it.
I still have 6 months minimum before I have a chance at that badge again.


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Love to know how much I have to go… Can’t be long now

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@fearlessfrog and I have been logging in as you every day for a year now.

Just kidding. But it made you wonder :slight_smile:

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After I missed the badge by only a few days in several years I made it part of my daily routine to check Mudspike from my phone at least once daily.

As for how you made it… perhaps you had a PC running in your home while you were away? Or you were logged in from a work PC? :smiley:

Or it was just someone…froggy who decided that if anybody deserves the being called a devotee, then it is you, and just granted you the thing! :slight_smile: