I'm a devotee!

Still in the holding pattern. I thought I should get the badge on Friday the 13th but that did not happen. If I do not see it by Friday the 20th then I must have missed something. :astonished:

Link to Devotee badge page


Me too. It wouldn’t be the same here without the Sea Stories. They are probably my favourite bit about this site apart from the people


Of course road stories, mat stories, air stories all count as well. Albeit, rarely anyone tells them so good as a man who’d been spinning yarns of reputedly questionable intelligence for a whole successful career in uncle sams yaughting club.

(“This is a Kirov class cruiser. It’s big and dangerous. If you see it this close, and it is hostile, you will not see your lass back home again.” ← those sort of yarns :wink: )


Counterpoint: if you see it this close, hostile, and above you, you are either drowning or in a submarine. In the latter case, your position is likely good as they haven’t detected you yet. In the former, you may not want to be detected because you’ve been shot down and they are very angry.

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Option 3… you are Maverick… or Chuck Norris. Probably Chuck Norris inverted in a F/A18E, blowing red smoke and under the radar. :wink:


So took a look, and the Devotee algorithm uses the underlying database time, which is UTC (Universal Time, like GMT +0). When you see your post times, it applies the local timezone as needed.

For the badge, if you access the forum in a 24 hour sequence that fits UTC then you’re fine, if you don’t (like you’re in a timezone where you’re +8 hours past UTC) then if you post early morning one day and then late at night the next day then you could miss the entire ‘UTC day’. Mystery solved.

Having said that, if this does happen then let us know in a PM and you’ll get the damn badge anyway, as that seems like a pretty weak technicality for a ‘1 year run’ not to count.


I’m filing this away for when I’m ferrying back and forth from Fiji to Tahiti across the date line after I hit the lottery (or my cornering of the NC toilet paper market pays off)… :thinking:


If it is possible I think @fearlessfrog’s post should be marked as the solution for this thread so it is easy to find later since this situation will likely happen again and again until Discourse alters their algorithm for awarding the Devotee badge.


Good idea!@BeachAV8R started this topic, so he has the power to do this

I should have this badge 5 times. I’m that devoted.

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I took off the answers/solutions thingy from #meta as it would appear on every topic, and was only really applicable for a small few. People would also do the ‘mark as solution’ for a bit of a joke as well. We allow no humor here. :wink:

@Troll is on a 1198 continuous day streak. You had a 732 one between 2016 and 2018, but your current streak value is 431 days. @komemiute broke a 1245 run with a day off on 2018 June 20th, and is on a 637 days without blinking. @PaulRix is going for 1221 days, @Navynuke99 broke a 1276 high score, with a day off on 2019 June 29th. @BeachAV8R is on a lowly 600 day run, which really makes you question his commitment to this site. My highest streak between tantrums is about 194 days, so rookie numbers.

EDIT: If anyone wants me to run the report for them, either for a summary here or in private then holla on PMs. We had to do a query to find out what was going on with @wheelsup_cavu’s badge, so it’s easy to find out if anyone is curious.




I might have had a good streak going…but then I got ticked-off…oh well.


I’m not sure if I should be proud of myself or not :wink:


All that data is screaming for a league table. :slightly_smiling_face:


I was unsure about ‘shaming’ :slight_smile: people publicly, so just chose those that I thought wouldn’t mind. A ‘List of Unblinking Shame’ is also a bit tricky due to that UTC timezone bug, in that very hard to tell if these numbers are even that accurate.


It’s all how you sell it.

“League of Devotion”

Hmm that sounds like a 70’s disco girl group. :grin:


70’s disco group ie 70’s navy fighter squadron, I hardly see any difference :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats @wheelsup_cavu! One of us! One of us!


Addicted? Who? Me? You’re addicted! I can quit anytime I like…

Just need to check if I got any replies, that’s all.

AHHAHAHAHA I’m perfectly fine with that, :wink: Please don’t worry about the shaming!