I'm noticing a bit of a trend and I'm not sure it is good


I can stand to lose the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, and even tolerate less overt Jenneking. But there is not a power in the verse that can stop me from posting stop girl.


If there was ever a time when I was tempted to misuse my admin powers, it is here and it is now.


The LOIC goes D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-DoS



Is it because Im AMD/Red?


Nah, you’re good. That particular thread was affirming the inherent superiority of the PC master race over the unwashed console masses.


Can you get an f111 on console…???

If no… then ptewy… spit on consoles



pretty sure ONE of the Ace Combat or clones has an F-111


I don’t think it was in ace combat, I do believe it was in H.A.W.X though.


Looks legit :wink:


Freeze at 1 minute, 8 seconds. Note the contrails. Note the F-111’s orientation. A 'vark controllable and holding 90 degrees of Alpha.


You’ve missed the most important thing.

That’s an EF-111A

With Bombs.

with. bombs.


Ace Combat had them too…:wink:


Hide yo kids, hide yo wife. An F-111 equiped with R-60’s and Kh-58’s. The anti-everything F-111.


Ah yes, the extremely rare Sukhoi manufactured F-111, truly an odd lend-lease hold over.


I just wet myself


…I didn’t see any hurdles in that video…


This thread is slowly becoming… I would say weird but that’s the wrong word to describe this.

By today’s standards this guy would be called “moderately excentric Al Yankovic”. Just sayin’. :smiley:



That was a true simulation. Just like the Strike Fighters F-111