Image Upload hang

fyi - I had an issue earlier today where I couldn’t upload images - it seemed to get stuck on ‘Processing…’ in the bit where the browser compresses the images on the client side.

I updated my version of Chrome on Windows (Settings/About) and did a Ctrl+Shift+R refresh of the site and it seems to have fixed it - so I guess a borked Chrome for a while…

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I occasionally have the same issue on mobile. If I use chrome it sits “processing” eternally but if I edit the comment in another browser I can upload no problem. Its been like it for ages

Firstly this is more of an FYI post, even though I am hoping there is a simple fix for the problem, since I seem to recall I am just about the only one using Pale Moon to browse these forums. Secondly the last time I can confirm via one of my posts that I was able to upload an image to the forums using the Pale Moon browser was on November 22. All of the images I have uploaded since then have either been directly from my phone, using the Chrome browser, or by letting the forum edit my post and save an image to the server. Letting the server edit my post to upload the image has only been done two or three times in the last 5 days.

Even though my current version needs to be updated the image uploader is working fine using Firefox.

For some reason the Pale Moon browser quit working since my last image upload using it on November 22. I have been using the Pale Moon browser since before these forums were started.

I tried to upload the image of the Zero/Zeke in the DCS thread and the upload kept hanging when using the Pale Moon browser.

Had the same issue a few days ago.


The Discourse team might take a look if you report it to them. Example Pale Moon report here:

Looks like they, Discourse, classified the browser as a bot back in 2018 and then added an exception to allow it to work. Most recent update must have deleted that exception. Oh well, caca happens.


As of today, and who knows for how long, the Image upload feature is working again for me using the Pale Moon browser, v30.0.1 (32-bit).

So far I have not had trouble when I was using Firefox or Chrome. I am almost positive it was still hanging as recently as yesterday? No clue if it was fixed on the Discourse side or the browser side but it works for now. :sunglasses:


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