Most likely yes, although you can still do this somewhat by contacting support and they can help transfer for you.

And within reason as well, if an account is doing this a lot, I am sure it wont be allowed. ED wont allow the selling of keys for a profit, much of this was put in place to stop that. Not saying you, but just saying… basically, the ability to gift a key.

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Great to read this.

Xmas is coming, you know what I mean guys :wink:

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Please excuse my scepticism, but does that really mean I can install (not play of course) DCSW on two computers at once?
If yes that’s the best change in DCSW in a long long time and really a reason for even me to get excited!

My understanding is you could already do that with SF provided you used two activations.

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Really?? Lol. I kinda expected it would somehow deactivate the other copy so I never tried in order to not kill all my activations (I lost quite some because if hardware changes and forgetting deactivations so I was really careful with spending those).

I never tried it either, so take it with a grain of salt.

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I did exactly that in the past, circa 2013. It worked and I guess it still works.

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Also Bignewy said in the future it will work like this:

  • as many installs as you like
  • only one PC with the same account logged in at the same time.

With Steam, ROF, or BoX you can have the game installed in multiple locations, but you can only actively play on one at a time. So I have Steam on a laptop and my desktop, and I can play say Doom on the laptop but I can’t play it on the desktop at the same time, not until I quit on the laptop.

Think of it like instantly downloading it wherever you are playing it, and it then uninstalls as soon as you exit, but you can only have one install at a time.

I think there will hardly be anybody who will not find it advantageous.
The only exceptions would be people living somewhere at the end of the world purely playing offline because there is no Internet.
So the reaction should be overwhelmingly positive!

looks at ED forums

…yeah… or maybe not.

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Some concern with the 3 day limit. I am hoping it will be extended…

I like the two weeks or so that Steam reportedly uses.
Anyone should be able to get Internet every two weeks, and be it using the mobile phone of a friend to tether or something.

Yeah, Steam is a different beast for sure, and sounds like some stuff doesnt require a phone home at all, but yes, two weeks sounds reasonable, and we all know how people like two weeks in the ED community :wink:

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Dear all,

Many thanks for the constructive feedback on the new protection system. It’s very important to use to create the best DCS World experience possible and an improved copy protection systems is critical to that.

We have been reading your comments, with particular focus on your concern of the three day period in which a verification check needs to be done. We will be carefully considering this and trying to find the best balance of a great DCS World experience for you and us being able to protect our work. I should have some feedback to you on this next week.

To also help better clarify this new systems (currently just for the Harrier), I’ll take another stab at describing it: Each time you log into DCS World, the authorization for the module is extended (currently three days). It would only expire after not logging into DCS World for over three days. If you were to go on vacation for example and not be able to log into DCS World for greater than three days, then that is still okay. Upon your return, you would log into DCS World and the module(s) would be re-authorized. The only complication rises if you are trying to play DCS World with no internet connection for greater than three days. This is the topic we will be re-evaluating.

We hope this all makes better sense now.



I don’t see the problem. I doubt the verification takes long, and my game PC logs onto the web as soon as I boot it up.

Ok, if we were to have a longer ISP problem, like a cut wire, that takes several days to fix, only then can this become a problem.

Maybe ED could have a integrity check system that looks for changes in the modules folders. If no changes have been made since last verification, no new verification is needed.

My guess it is a concern for people who use DCS on a laptop while traveling (which must certainly be a minority of the customer base, but…) in location where an internet connection is either unavailable or financially unsound.
The greatest number I could think of would be deployed military as I’m certain there is no guaranteed internet access for enlisted in BFE Airbase, Nowhereistan. :slight_smile:
I don’t know exactly why the short 3 day limit was posited as it does seem arbitrarily short.

I don’t know about US airbases but the German soldiers of all branches of service I talked to all had Internet while deployed. Not perfect Internet but enough for such purposes.

…but then who takes his HOTAS there and play DCSW? Pretty much a non issue I guess. Even hardcore fans like Snoopy didn’t play DCS ehile deployed I think.

I do agree, that it does seem short. And now its being looked at.

That’s gotta be a pretty heavy duty laptop!

Well, yes. Kind of. If you don’t turn up the graphics too much you can get decent performance out of a Notebook with a GeForce 970m or so.