Important DCS World Keys purchased FAQ

Important info on FAQ about DCS World Keys purchased

[quote]Invalid DCS World Keys purchased from other sources

Only DCS World keys purchased from the DCS World E-shop and Steam are valid and can be activated in the Module Manager.
Any DCS World keys purchased from other sources are invalid and are simply trying to re-sell keys that are bound to other users.
Such sites include Kinguin and CDExpress.

If you purchase such invalid DCS World keys from these sites, we cannot help you. We suggest you contact these sites for a refund.[/quote]


I do agree.

Can’t fault them, the key exchange system was not ideal.

I have bought several modules over the past few months from other players. Does this mean I’m going to lose those modules?

No, all they did was suspend the ability to transfer keys.


Thanks @SiThSpAwN!