Impromptu Blue Flag AAR



I saw the server this morning so hopped in. Again not on my list atm. And also entering IP returns ‘server offline’ while I can see people joining in/out on their gadget page. Whyyy…!??




We are gonna have to rename this place…!



Sometimes when the server goes down in flames, the gadget will freeze at its last frame. If time stands still that’s the best clue that the server has taken a smoking break.


My point is that I see people joining in/out, time running but still unable to find it or join manually.


Yeah no probs mate

Just an adendum and sidenote to @near_blind’s AAR.

I like the mirage. But it has a certain underachievement compared to some other planes.
Whilst the super 530 is not a bad missile, it is hampered by the baguettes radar, and this i find is quite noticeably 2nd rate compared to the Eagle when flying with Near_blind.

Cut to the aforementioned AAR.

GCI calls out bandit in front, bandit closing from the side and possibly one more (brain fried at this point)
@near_blind calls target in front, devises a plan to encompass all threats and leashes orders of magnitude.
My response, ahhh where?
@near_blind’s response, can you see the guy in front
My response, no
@near_blind - can you see the guy to the right
My response, no
@near_blind - well i am going to get pincered
My thoughts, my radar is blank how on gods earth are you seeing these guys…

I cop a missile from out of nowhere.

Lols, if i only had the eagles radar


Sooo, this one should be deBRIEFing (edit: it is even possible to write brief report!?) of my 3 morning sorties.

What I realy like about BUDDY SPIKE Blue Flag server is that the information available to players are realy there. Not like servers where you hardly know what to do.
First you can check the mentioned BF gadget page with interactive realtime map and list of players and sites and second you are supplied with friendly EWR site info ingame.

Sortie No1.
Sukhumi SAMSITE under attack. I TO from Gudaute just north to the attacked site and headed south. Kept my self east of the side I spot one bogey over the coast.
As I turned back to north I made a mistake and lost visual contact with him what is usualy bad thing in air combat.
As I headed north big explosion right of my tail shrudered my Fishbad and diving F-15 passed by my left side.
I was on fire or he managed to turn around and sent another missile. Whatever the case was I ended up exploding midair.

Sortie No2.
My mood was now realy good :rage:, no need for cowboy songs :wink:
Scrambled again from Gudauta against attackers already in the AB airspace. Picked one target leaving scene southwards.
Visualy IDed him as A-10 I sent quickly one R3S. He realized that he is in trouble just too late and the misile landed in his left engine exhaust. Enemy aircraft destroyed!

I turned back to airport and visualy IDed another atacker. This time lone AV-8B turning south after his ground attack run. I closed quickly from his left side and sent R3S and then R60M in his direction. He was well aware of me attacking so defended agresively. He pulled G’s in his left turn and was popping flares. Both misiles mised and I went vertical as I was high on speed and AB.
I dived on him as he was already turning hard right low over the water. I pushed hard on the triger and sent my last misile out. R60M tracked nicely but had trouble to manage all the gained speed in the dive and splashed into the waters. To my surprise AV-8B folowed the misile just second afterwards. Yes! Second aircraft destroyed!

I calmed down little bit in my left turn towards the home base. Misile count - 0, gun rounds - FULL. No, I am not going home yet.

Spoted another contact south of our AB. Same alt, my 11 o’clock. Full AB and lets get visual. Double tail! Hmm, Su27 returning to base? No, its double tail bandit, F-15.
This time he dont know about me.
Closing fast from his 5 o’clock I pulled the throtle back and aimed well. At the time my piper got glued in between his tails he was in nice lazy left climbing turn. Long burst of my 23MM gave no chance to the bandit. He went down in flames.

Now it was time to RTB to Sochi as Gudauta was still under attack. The approach to Sochi from east was realy nice.
Fishbed landing profile is shalow so I was at the same alt above the ground through the entire descent.

Sortie No3.
I was able to join TS and share this sortie with another Red Fighter pilot in Su27.
As my wheel brakes malfunctioned during the previous landing to Sochi I ended in the grass. So I scrambled again from Gudauta in the middle of the bombardment.

It was obvious that the Su27 pilot was more experienced as he managed to score at least three kills including one Su25 which I unsucesfuly merged and subsequently lost over the airbase.

Then we were jumped by single M2K from the south. I didnt have visual on him but I called just misile smoke trail towards the Su27.
I gained visual on the bandit only when he splashed my comrade with second AAM.

At this moment I need to mention that I made two mistakes in all three sorties. I loaded 2x R3S missiles which are old and inferior to the R60M and I pressed missile attacks in close DF even I am better with canon. Everyone is better with canon in close knife fight.

I pushed the throtle forward and in favorable position on his 5 o’clock I started my atack on the M2K. He was well aware of my presence so he defended agresively. I lunched one R3S which he was able to easily defend with break turn and flares. In the short knife fight I desperately wanted to keep my piper on him for the necesary second so I can lunch my next misile.
No such luck and his maneuvering forced me to overshoot. With the last energy I had I went vertical but he didnt waste the chance. Now in turn he on my 5 o’clock low started to supply me with his misiles.
I was able to defend the first one. But then stalled. And not sure now if I stalled also my compressor or it was his last misile but I ended hanging there sudenly with my engine spooling down.

I recovered to glide towards my home base and decided to swim my way back to the coast.


You have to look at this from a different perspective.
IDF/AF were using by purpose mixed CAP formations over middle east e.g. 2x F-15 + 2x Kfir. F-15 beeing the eyes.

And talking about radar. I am flying Fishbed! :slight_smile:


That’s why in TRW you have us intelligence officers to write up the debriefs. They don’t come out quite as exciting. For example your Hop 2 would have been a simple catalog of planes shot down, with what weapon. You would need to account for the misses and provide final fuel state. If I were writing your debrief I would have added, “Aircraft suffered moderate battle damage in its last engagement that precipitated a landing at closest airbase; not home base. Per diem for lodging approved for one (1) night’s stay in the BOQ. Per diem for meals not approved as the base has a mess facility


First of all I’m downloading DCS tomorrow! This is way too cool to be missing by fooling around with TACPACK

Second, we have a saying in Naval Air, “A pair of fighters is a threat. A single fighter is a target.”

Or in the words of Micheal Ironsides aka Jester

Just say’n :sunglasses:



Has anyone even noticed Tom Cruise’s teeth are off-axis?


Well my fellow Blue flaggers. Congrats to red.

Overview of the last day.

I spent a few moments yesterday pounding the mud and trying to clear the way for the blues to push the red horde back from whence they came.

We were doing ok too. The inevitable to a fro seemed to be happening where time zones influenced how many players were active on a particular side.

So our push came, in the form of an average amount of players, no GCI and a little dishevelled in our objectives. In the end, red stuff went boom but I logged off for a re-appearance later in the evening.

Re-appearance, was short lived as when logged back on… Welll… Someone really did smack the red hornets nest. I have never seen so many reds on at any given time. Not only were there so many of them, they had multiple squads of up to seven people (I am looking at you Reapers) and multiple GCI’s running a very co-ordinated offensive.

There was no point logging on. I just checked multiple times over the course of a few hours to see the red tide on the widget march down the map as the reds took ownership of everything with little to stand in their way.

So the call is up gentlemen. Its time to grab your BLUE FLAG (see what I did there) and get mudspiking together to stop the red dominance. !!! (not even @near_blind’s 8 kill streak could save us)
New round is up, select your SIDE !!!

If only we had an F-111


I really wish we had a decent helicopter! The Huey is wonderful but limited. The Gazelle is the most outragious, farcical flight model in DCS. And even when you overlook its flying qualities, in terms of fire power it is far inferior to the Mi8 not to mention the Ka50. We lost because we were out-teamed, not because Smokin Hole doesn’t like the Blue helicopters. But just as “the pawn is the soul of Chess” helos are the soul of Blue Flag.

My last mission in the Mirage (just before I failed to join you Bogus, sorry) I IFF’d a target over Gudauta (SP?). It wasn’t friendly but a voice on comms cried “Buddyspike Gudauta!” On 264. I broke lock and only later learned that it was a red player on our SRS freq. That was a cheat I haven’t seen used before. After that I decided it was time for a break. This round has taught me a little about the Mirage. It is a fun mount!


Get me an F-14B with a 0x4x4 loadout and the dankest 80s mixed tape you can find, and hold my beer.


In my days in VF-32 (F-14s…I don’t think we even bothered putting the “A” after it), when we deployed we often flew with 2-2-2. For all it touted long range, the AIM-54 was evidently a pretty good in mid-range BVR missile, plus you didn’t have to keep radar lock once it went active.

…and then they hung bombs on the Tomcat…John 11-35


Oh I’d love to play with the 2x3x2 loadout, but I’m confident hell will have been long frozen over before the Blueflag people willingly give me a Phoenix.


Technically not cheating. The military has an acronym for it - MIJI - Meaconing, Intrusion, Jamming, Interference.

OPNAVINST 3430.18D attached.MCO (40.4 KB)

Specifically what you experienced was Intrusion. Definition: The intentional insertion of electromagnetic energy into transmission paths in any manner, with the objective of deceiving operations or of causing confusion. Example: An unauthorized radio transmission pretending to be part of an air traffic control service and giving false instructions to a pilot.

So you didn’t shoot a target your IFF didn’t ID as Friendly - I would say that falls under “deceiving operations”

I hope you filled out the proper MIJI Incident report paperwork after you landed. :wink:


You hit the nail. While it is fun to fly alone on such dynamic servers like Blue Flag (actualy I dont know about beter server atm) it is different league in pair. And it could be nirvana in four ship. But long gone are the times of old il2 1946 dynamic servers and four ships and sometimes even more ships :slight_smile:

Btw I still cant see the BF server and neither can I connect by IP to it :rage:

What!? WAIT!! I changed the internet (provider) and it is listed again… some ports blocking or what… :rage:


@Hangar200 (re: cheating)
In the real world it’s not. I can’t think of anything as a cheat in war. It’s just War. But in a game there are certainly cheats. It’s like the guys who figured out how to use the multiplayer code in IL2 to create a radar of all players’ real-time positions. That was very clever. And in the real world, perhaps even medal-worthy. In a game it’s just a buzz-kill. If such “cheats”are allowed to become commonplace, players will stop showing up. Mind you, my little complaint is no where near that level. Just irritating.