Impromptu Blue Flag AAR



SRS has the functionality to simulate KY-58, but I doubt BlueFlag implements that.

I think the clear solution is to hop onto the Red GCI channel, and start dispatching people to the far corners of the Earth. Send Reaper on a DCA over Istanbul.


Yep. Fortunately the gadget lets you see what freq each player is using. So I don’t see it as a cheat with a future :grin:


@smokinhole True enough and I was actually thinking about the differences between the real world and virtual world when it comes to cheating. Obviously an IL-2 with a radar is cheating. …and in your case, in the real world, the likelihood that the guy claiming Buddy Spike would have had an accent like “Boris” from Rocky and Bullwinkle would have indicated that it was Intrusion…and you would have shot him down. :slight_smile:


Dangling over a cliff and holding on to the end of the rope with just your teeth.

Tblisi and Vasiani, two airports in very close proximity. It also happens they are the last two bastions of home turf in an otherwise sea of red covering the map.

Luckily, being in close proximity these two airports offer a strong resistance and red are desperate to shut it down and claim victory over this round. The bad side to this is that Redski von red know where we have to break out and have accounted for such. Even worse, just west of these two airfields is a red samsite at Kapsi blocking our breakout and this is our target.

Spawning in the harrier it is quickly ascertained the both sides have set up a net of small samsites. Reds to block the farps to the north and blues to block ingress to our last two fields.

Its time for a diversion / sam huntng. Load out s 2 sidewinders + 2 sidearms + 2 mavs. A fast lad out.

Taking off, comms light up over a cheeky red striker that bypassed our nets taking pot shots at our airfields defences. I can see buildings blowing up but we have defence fighters overhead who quickly dispatch him. Turning north, its off to the deployed enemy sam sites, some marked on the map protecting farps. If i can hit a few, not only will the sam threat diminish but i may even get a hit on a farp drawing enemy up there away from our objective.

Calling my intentions over 264, no GCI is available. A friendly mutters, anything up north is all enemy. I am all alone. Hugging the ground the are baguette and 29 spikes intermittently and the butt cheeks clench.

Nearing my target, i am masked behind a ridge. It will be a pop up over the ridge (hopefully nothing just on the other side) and go in first pass with sidearms. RWR pops up the big 6 and i nose towards it. Sidearm grabs the emission gives me the tone, i launch pull hard and egress back to the ridge dropping flares and knowing all now can see me if they are looking.

The sam threat down, i bypass its last known location and have a run into the farp. I manage one launch of a maverick before GCI jumps on and informs of enemies in the area with a request to return. The conversation and looking for enemies has made me miss a sam launch and the big bang to my rear throws my focus back into the pit.

It was a glancing blow, definitely damage. It wants to roll, but the engine is good. Dumping ordinance and ample trim i manage to sustain an amicable flight envelope. GCI gives me a vector home but advises no available CAP. I am still alone.

It was a long trip, but unopposed. Setting up for finals, i opt for a conventional landing due damage. I just have no idea how it will perform in vstol. Bringing it in as slow as possible its a smooth touchdown (yay!) followed by an uncontrollable veer to the left (ohh poo!).

Coming to a stop sideways on the grass, it was time to reflect. Lucky landing.

Hop 2. Attack on Kapsi sam

We are coordinated now by a grumpy GCI who can’t contemplate that even though we have the numbers, nothing has happened on the global map in over 3 hours. The time to push is here. We have air cover and ample mud movers to which i am to join some guys already thumping the sam site.

En route took some time as ample course changes ensued from pop up bandits and cap cover redirected to help me get to target. It was well co-ordinated and choppers were anxious for my belated arrival.

Over target its hard to pick the enemy. I nut out 2 that i found but gci says its not closed. I risk low runs through the target area to bait, but no effect. I just cant find them. Grumpy GCI chimes in insinuating that 4 ground pounders can’t close one site. Well he is right, but instead of being elgrumpo mc grumpy over the comms, how about getting a bloody jtac here that will find the target. So i request one, which fell on deaf ears.

One of our cap runs a low pass and i manage to see light arms going for him. I have you now. Rolling back around maverick is tracking true and target dispatched. Sam site is still not closed and GCI is not a happy bunny. Grrrr. A few passes and no ground fire, no target and dwindling cap, this job needs to get done. I have to take the lead. “bugger it, get those choppers in now” i demand over the radios. Whatever is down there is not a threat and hopefully the ground troops will point it out to us.

As the chopper approaches, someone spots the last target. Not sure if it was the chopper or one of the other friendly strikers, but it went boom (respawned launcher sitting on top of old destruction so suitably camouflaged) and the chopper landed moments later.

The site is finally ours and its time to hold it. I still have fuel but gci calls out “anyone notice the difference in aircraft?”. Red have ten more fighters and we know they are comming. Its time to run!

Cap does what it can but the real heroes are the helo group who constantly set up, maintained and masterminded a great sam defence.

I made it home after that and gracefully made a pig of it plonking on the grass away from the field. I didn’t die, but i thought i could maybe thrust a bit closer to the airfield with collapsed gear. Seconds later, there was a bang, i guess the harrier didn’t want to slide along the ground. Ohh well, one life lost was a small price to pay considering we kept the sam site.

The battle continues from our two little fields and now one sam site.


Magic: Uh. Su-27 inbound, anyone want to stop it?
Me: Uhhhhh. I guess?
[Fifteen minutes of heavy breathing later]


Did you by any chance record that?!


congratulations To the blue team. Following on from my last AAR, struggling back from just two airfields in the bottom corner of the map. The blue push accomplished a win !! Huzzah !!

On a side note as everything will be changing in a week or so anyways, unfortunately the harrier has been removed from the blue side this current round. So I guess it is being tested for balancing reasons. Maybe its because the targeting pod is now working ?


I played with the pod last night and was thinking about it in Blue flag this morning on the way to work. The fact it has been removed confirms it for me. You can now take 12 GBUs and self-designate from 20,000 feet all day long. I know that is not a real life loadout but you can do it in game. That aar you posted about Grumpy McGrump-face being mad that the sam site wasn’t being taken out fast enough is over with a working Tpod on a fast jet.

Honestly I don’t know how Blue flag goes forward when the Hornet releases. I know that is overly dramatic but Red literally has nothing that comes close to the capability that Blue will have with the three H’s of Hawgs, Hornets, and Harriers.


Yeah, on unbalanced teams, its going to be devastating. Though, with strong opposition flying a harrier at very high altitudes has proven a bad thing to do, especially if the enemy has a GCI running.

So on one hand I can see it not being that bad, but when there is no opposition, one harrier can clear an objective easy.

Maybe Blue Flag could limit the load out to no Targeting Pod, leaving the helo guys to keep running in Jtacs. That would have it like it was before. But is the Harrier too overpowered even without the targeting pod ?

As for the f18. Well I guess if you limit it as well like they currently are with the F-15, that will slow it down some. But yeah. Blue Flag guys are going to have to think hard about balance on this one. They are usually pretty fast and good at sorting these things out


Just don’t include it in the line-up. Or make like the Mirage, available on both sides. Canada joins Red! After all, cursed, we live in interesting times.


Not flown in it yet, but Blue Flag is already up and running on 2.5 and also harriers are back on the menu !!! mmmmmm.

Well done to the Blue Flag Team. They are hot on it.

As a side note, just did a practice test of flying around in the Mi8 skirting the trees. I think helo ops are really going to be fun now !!!


You mean “fun-er”!


Its been a while, but blue flag was revisited today in the …
… Adventures of Bogus “Vladimir” Blyat and his trusty Mi-8

Thats right guys. There has been a defection and this current round is team Redski.

Story will start with the second objective of the day, taking Mozdoc airfield.

Out of Min Vody we are operating today and its a bit of a drive east to our target area. There is a modest showing of both blue and red and no real numbers advantage for any side. Checking the widget, Mozdoc airfield has had a few hits but still strong with enemy assets.

Others have already departed for Mozdoc as i refuel and re-arm the mi-8 with 4rocket pods, 2 upk pods + full fuel.

As i am refueling a call comes over comms from those that fly higher asking if there is going to be a jtac at target. Well there is no time like the present and i acknowledge the request and load up a boxed form of UAZ with a handy laser inside.

As nice as it is to be flying on the northern side of the map, It’s going to be tricky. Generally flat terrain (getting flatter towards target), a very dangerous target and to top it off, the enemy unless short of some grey matter upstairs, know we are coming.

Fully loaded, we skirt into the air, hover taxi round a mirage and fly nap of the earth south east towards target. Terrain masking is not easy here so darting between trees instead of over them was the course of action. Its such a great addition to immersion knowing that the tees are solid objects and the flight out there at very low level +250klms/hr was an engageing and rewarding experience.

Checking the map i can see that a marker has been placed south of Mozdoc on a large river running east west. The marker is showing a repair refuel crate dropped off which can be used to quicken the repair to the airfield once we have taken it. Also this river runs west then south near my flight plan. Terrain masking as mentioned before is a problem, but rivers usually have trees both sides. So the plan is to pick up this river and ride this beast of a helicopter below tree top level through the meanderings.

The river provided some of the best non combative flying fun i have had in ages. It has fast sweeping curves, tight narrow switchbacks, bridges, wires to go under and everything in between. I must say, i had an absolute hoot flying this route and was surprised at how nimble the mi8 can be for such a large bullet magnet.

The trip has been uneventful, i can hear over comms there is enemy in the area harassing our fast movers, but i pass the marker to the south of Mozdoc without any intrusion.

I don’t want to get too close to the airport as i have no idea where the enemy is, but i have to get the jtac to a place where it can be of good use. The map shows a large town bordering the river i am transiting to the south of the objective. I decide to pass to the east of this then slow down and head north off the river and pick my way north west to position as close as i dare to the south eastern edge of the airfield.

Its a roll of the dice, i could go in fast and low giving me reaction an manoeuvring speed but i opted for a slow crawl though trees and towns sacrificing speed and evasion for situational awareness. The latter pulls off. It takes a while, but i manage to make it to a big clump of forest a few clicks out. Unfortunately there is no GCI on so no one can drive the UAZ closer. Its up to me to position closer myself. Deciding to skirt left around the thick wood i can see a gap which leads to a line of trees which is as close as i dare.

Whilst transiting this gap at slow speed, i notice a dot through the trees ahead. There is also a gap in the trees ahead. This dot and gap are going line up with my flight path. With butt clenching, i haul the cyclic left and kick the mi8 sideways in flight. Time slows as the sideways mi8, dot and gap align for a brief moment and i wait to see the tracers/missile come towards me. A sigh of relief is passed when nothing happens and i slip behind the tree line. Another great reason for these new trees. Actual real cover!

i have tested my luck enough, i will not venture closer. Engaging dust protection, i land at the tree line and deploy the jtac who instantly spots and lases. Wow i was lucky getting this close. I shout over all comms that jtac is up and the response of people coming is heartening. However there is nothing for me to do at the moment, so i move along the treeline a tad, and land parallel to the treeline as close as i dare making sure my left side is facing outwards for my door gunner to provide some cover.

Here i shut down, APU running. Hopefully non moving blades will be harder to spot whilst i shirk off for a toilet break and allowing the inbound strikers to do something.

On return, Mozdoc is under full attack. Over comms the other mi8 is no longer around and says his repair rearm crate is available. That will come in handy when we take this place, i thought and hopefully the enemy close to me have been dealt with. Firing up both engines the big blades are shortly wizzing about ferociously and i gingerly try to re-trace my steps to the river which happens unopposed.

Back up to speed on the river i once again enjoy the twisty turns this race course provides. My overconfidence is brought back down to earth when a friendly jet buzzes me awfully close. Once again a reminder that you really cant see anyone coming at you from behind.

Reaching the map marker, it wasn’t hard to find the crate. It was surrounded by chopper parts and a little bonfire. Hmmm. Anyhow, lets not meet the same fate and cross the shore line and grab it carefully. Just as carefully i exited the chopper graveyard and headed back the way i had come to my previous hidey spot (on the tree line shut down).

This crate will quickly raise the health and therefore defensive capabilities of the airfield once we have captured it.

Just as i touched down a call came over saying " bogus may as well come in, just buildings that need to be destroyed. Nothing shooting back. So drop your troops and wait for capture". Don’t have to tell me twice. So i lift off into a hover and poke my nose above the tree line to see a host of friendly aircraft pummelling buildings. Off we go!

Sticking it into high gear and closing the few kilometres to Mozdoc , mission reports state there is only 10 mins left of the session. Not a problem, my troops will be down by then, hopefully the strikers will have building down also!

I line up on the main apron and opt for a roll on landing. Applying the brakes and she’s down. Releasing the troops, they spread out around me waiting to capture the field. I lift off again and hover taxi towards one of those solo parking bays with built up walls. A good place for protection whilst i wait for capture and deploy the repair crate.

However as i approach the parking bay a message appears on screen saying something akin to "carpet bombing target now ".

A few brain cycles later and the gravity of the situation hits me. Microseconds later explosions hit me. The screen erupts into an apocalyptic scene of fire and brimstone as the entire airfield is punished by a successful high alt bomber strike.

My mi-8 looks like a box of lego thrown on the ground, behind me is a graveyard of all my deployed troops and the repair crate, well that was vaporised.

Whilst i was indisposed, someone called in a bomber strike. But worst part was i was called in ahead f the bomber strike.

The screen pops up a message saying “5 minutes before mission end”

Well me, my troops and the repair crate are toast. This base aint gonna be ours this session.

No vodka tonight.

[Edit] Must be getting old wrong target airfield name, I flew a bit much today :yum:


So long as you are alive…there is vodka.


On the ramp Arming up and taxiing past Le Baguette

Mozdoc, the fantastic river I used to get there and the marked repair crate.

The intended route past the repair crate

Exiting the twisty river to Mozdoc

Bad guy spotted through the gap in the distance

The treeline before the airfield I managed to sneak to.

Deploying the Jtac UAZ. (Deploying it then unpacking it) It immediately picks up an avenger. Was that what I saw ?

Parked side on at the treeline for a break and departing to get the repair container

Unfortunately the track crashed at this point and I didn’t want to sit through it again to get the pièce de résistance of the entire airfield and me getting blown sky high…



Nice Bogus. You’ve inspired me to join Red and fly the Mate. (Then the server crashed).


Ohh no.!


Those are fantastic screens!


Nice writeup @Bogusheadbox, reminds me how much I miss this stuff. Hope to join as much of the online shenanigans as my 8Mb ADSL line will permit. #potatointernet #austaliaisalongwayaway #imissmyfiber


Holy crap @Toppometer is alive! @Bogusheadbox owes me $5. US, none of that AUD business.