Impromptu Operation Longbow AAR

Errr, I have nothing to write here yet :slight_smile: just wanted to make some heads up for new Dynamic PvP MP Mission by 104th squad. Find in your MP list.

104th Phoenix
Proudly Presents
Operation Longbow

A dynamic Multiplayer Mission set in the Caucasus Map.

104th Phoenix - Operation Longbow - Dynamic PvP Mission - Multiplayer - ED Forums

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Will have to give it a look. Maybe we could be the ruthless ruskies on this server and belligerent blues on blue flag. Because, you know, mi8 and ka-50

I’d LOVE to participate as a Huey driver but… I get a bit put off by all the extra files/mods/plugin to download.

@komemiute. I am pretty sure, all the mods are server side aside from simple radio. Simple radio is a tiny download very simple to set up and if you haven’t tried it before - you should!. It really adds a heck of a lot of situational awareness and its a great comm tool. But it is optional.

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Ugh, you had to help me, right?
*throwing hands in the air * Ok ok, I’ll try it…

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I am all about the love

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You can find some help here:

You’re Welcome :wink:

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ok… Had a good play with it today (As Ruski Von Blyat - the Mi8 pilot).

You start off at your base and the enemy start off at theirs. All the objectives in the middle are neutral until captured (but still have defences). Same as blue flag. Kill the defending units, chuck some infantry in and the base is yours. However you don’t have to capture the objectives (airfields) in order. We attacked and successfully captured at the beginning of the round the halfway point putting a blocker to the other side whilst we worked backwards to capture all the bases in between.

Some nice bits to that though. As soon as you have captured an airfield, logistics planes are scrambled to upgrade the defences. If they land your base gets the upgrade. If the transports are taken out, the base is no longer upgraded. There are I think 2 sets of upgrades to your base IIRC. The last upgrades the defences to a hawk site.

As the server was new, no one was on simple radio. But that’s ok, 104Th provide a teamspeak channel and I grouped up with others there.

Its not quite as indepth as Blueflag, and there are no restrictions to lives.

A few downsides for me, but if you like more casual play they may be positives.
You can be as reckless as you like with your airframe as there are no consequences for going gun-ho into the face of death due to no restrictions to lives.

I did not see the ability to repair air bases. Once you have captured them, they are up to 100% health (without upgrades). Which limits a tad what the logistics choppers can do.

But it was fun and great to bash the Mi8 about and capture some bases.

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We should definitely make a Mudspike raid with chopper pilots at some point :smiley:

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corect, everything is optional, you can just join and play

But its great to know whats going on and where to drop the ordenance

Looking at the side breakdown :smile: people must really fear the Eagle if they’ve arrayed every other fighter against it.

Maybe they just want to display how Eagle will be lost without the other fighters :wink:

Or they have the mission pre-setup with placeholder for Hornet, who knows.

Hey @Nevo, sorry if I bother… So If I have a vanilla DCS + Huey I can jsut drop in the Server and participate?
The really important mod to download is Simple Radio?

I’ll be clearer: that mod about loading/unloading troops/material on Helicopters is Server side?

@komemiute yes all you need is dcs 2.5 and valid module (huey is good) to participate. All else is provided server side.

Simple radio is nice to have but 104th provide a teamspeak server. There is always text chat, if you don’t have either.