In Anticipation of the DCS:F-14 Tomcat



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Guest contributors @Near_Blind and @Fridge provide a Mudspike introduction to upcoming DCS: F-14 Tomcat module from Heatblur Simulations. Introduction Winter is coming. Yes. Yes! I mean summer and fall are a time to be outdoors doing things, you know. The weather is generally good and there is nature to explore, trails to trek through, hills…



Thank goood for TL;DR.

But seriously well done.


Little typo
Was " helmet mounted cuing systems"
Should be " helmet mounted cueing systems"


Nice article! Very well done, perfect fuel for the hype train.


Great read, thanks! Sooo can’t wait for this baby!


Bah! One of those times when you have it right the first time, take a few minutes to look at it and it starts looking wrong, so you change it and it was right the first time :slight_smile:


Great write - up!


Good research, great background information, and solid writing guys! :+1:


you mis-spelled F-111B in that article several times.


Just an addition error


Beautiful article!


Just to throw @Fridge under the bus. The record will show when I sent that part to him, it was spelled correctly :stuck_out_tongue:


Great read @Fridge (who isn’t a Guest Contributor, but actually Mudspike Staff :wink:) and @near_blind - thank you for doing that, especially the hoops jumping bit of first time publishing and learning all the weird stuff we have over on that side of the site.

A little F-14 shaped bird tells me there is some exciting new Heatblur stuff coming really soon… (waves hands, exits stage left mysteriously)


I thought Cobras were snakes, not birds… :thinking:


It was great to see something on the front page from you two and it was a very fun read. I’m not sure the great publications of the past and the present would approve of the emoji finisher, but sometimes style is more important than form.

I’m just afraid you two added 6 more months of development karma to it…know anything we should know?


One for @Toppometer

12-0 baby. :wink:


Meanwhile on board the USS Pearl Harbor(?!)

Tomcat Pilot: You remember that time we killed all those brits with Sparrows
Hornet Pilot: Yup
Tomcat Pilot: Probably should have told them we were shooting Sparrows
Hornet Pilot: Naaaaah