In case you missed it.. All DCS dlc free for a month!


Already mentioned here…

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Thank you sir, If I could delete the post, I would.

Nah, it is easy enough to miss an announcement even when someone visits the site daily. Imo, This thread and any others like it can always be merged into the original thread at some point after the promotional period is over. :sunglasses:


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What??!! DCS is free for a month? When did that happen?? Why has someone not already started a special tread?? What the heck is going on here??? :open_mouth:

(sometimes I just can’t help myself…hehehe)


In a ironic twist , it will take 3 weeks to download it all. With everyone home from work and school , it feels like I am back in dial up days. My ISP is currently operating at the speed of smell :stuck_out_tongue:

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Does anyone know how to disable the annoying “You didn’t pay for this campaign” startup messages?
I downloaded EVERYTHING, including the campaigns, thinking I could check them out. Nope.

And that’s fine. But why can’t I just keep them on my computer and disabled until I decide to buy one or more of them?

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In Module Manager , uncheck ones you do not wish it to look for. Think that will fix you right up. Under the TAB INSTALLED.

I removed the first of the campaigns in the list - J37 Viggen: Red Flag.
Unfortunately, it prompted me for the serial number for that module again.

Thanks for the input. I’ll just keep ESC out of the startup messages.


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OK, this is from the DCS Facebook page…

Note: If you do not wish to purchase a module after trying it for free, please delete the free-trial module using the Module Manager to avoid authorization errors.

Good Luck !

I ended up deleting all the campaigns - one at a time - with a forced restart of DCS after each one. A batch uninstaller would have been nice. I also had to remove the Viggen airplane module. I guess that wasn’t included in the free trial. Anyway, problem solved - no more annoying startup messages. Thanks for your help.

It was actually stated in all the newsletters Eagle Dynamics sent.
Heatblur chose not to adhere to the free period and even released a statement with the interesting motivations behind that choice.