Inaugural Mudspike Christmas Flight

A new Mudspike article published at:

One of the traditions I used to enjoy each year at one of my previous haunts was the annual Christmas Flight. Conceived by longtime simmer Deacon, the Christmas Flight was a chance to come together as a community for a fun and laid back event surrounded by the spirit of goodwill that the holiday season…

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Yay, Christmas!

Do we put the flights in here or in a Special Xmas/Kwanzaa/GabenSale AAR thread @BeachAV8R?

Plus wanted to say, really nice screenshots in that article - that texture on the lead one looks amazing. :thumbsup:

How about in this thread:

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So jelly of the paintjob. I spent 5 minutes trying to figure out how to skin my Concorde and have given up. Something something DXTbmp something reconstruct.