Indiafoxtecho MB 339 - Now Available!

Hard to see this (for me) and not immediately start internally speculating about combat mods…


That Frecce Tricolori skin is superb.

You know guys that the MB339 is coming as an official/full module for DCS, right?

You all knew it right?


That’s going to be cool…New Zealand Air Force had them as trainers back in the day!

A nice looking mod; in the running for my first payware buy for msfs.

Also the bigger news to me is that that Dino has apparently found a way to port over his FSX based add ons relatively easily it seems. Considering past freeware includes a whole lot of cold war USN goodness, Im psyched!

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Can’t wait for the DCS version . Love straight-wing jets ! Enjoy flying the L-39 in DCS , and love the western cockpit of the 339 in AeroFly , but dislike the terrain graphics in that sim .
So an “official” 339 in DCS is something to look forward to . We’ll see about MSFS . I fly exclusively in VR , and will be watching performance reports closely .

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I decided to pick this one up as a nice runaround that should be fun to fly in VR when MSFS gets it…

Some miscellaneous shots in no particular order:

My initial thoughts are that it looks great and seems to fly ok. I haven’t delved into any systems yet, but we know this is the ‘Lite’ version. For the price I think it is a nice addition to the MSFS hangar, and a nice change from the default aircraft fleet.


How is the FM on it?

Ironic that one of the few steam gauge birds we get in FS2020 is a jet. Definitely interested, I had planned on getting the DCS version, but this does open up a lot more places to fly.


The flight model? It’s ok for basic sightseeing. There are no accelerated stalls (at least can’t induce one), the top speed at sea level is a good bit slower than what it should be. No blacking out from G’s, no overstressing of the airframe etc etc. I think it is going to be awhile before we see a really good flight model in MSFS. I’m sure it will come though.

Do you have damage turned on in the settings? (not sure if that’s relevant, but maybe…)

I’ll take a look.

I have the flight model set to Modern. It certainly ends the flight if you hit the ground… Maybe I should give the legacy flight model a try.

edit> The aircraft manual say to just use the Modern FM.

A quote from the manual:

Please note that the MB-339 flight model is designed to work ONLY with the new Flight
Simulator flight model (Options->General->Flight Model->MODERN) . This is the default
option for Microsoft Flight Simulator and it should be your setting unless you have
changed it.
However, some users may have changed the flight model to “LEGACY” in order to use
older FSX-derived add-on planes.
The MB-339 will be unstable with the legacy flight model.
With the modern flight model, the MB-339 should behave well and be quite stable and
easy to fly within the regular flight envelope (90 to 400 kts) - while may exhibit some
instability in extreme flight or weather conditions.

Don’t do it. Legacy is a nightmare.

Instead, look under Options then assistance, and then failure and damage.