Indiana Jones & The Combined Arms - DCS Persepolis


While programming JDAMs over Iran it struck me I should take a day off. How about some history in the sand?

The recent update of the Persian Gulf map added a number of new sites, so let’s take a look for potential World Heritage site targets of interest. I’m sure the sign back there said something about Persopolis?

Frank, pull over here and ask that person where we are…

A long HMMMV drive and no Subway store in site. I’m sure the locals would love to show us around.

Well, look at that, it’s the 500 BC site of ancient antiquity. Zooming up a bit we can see that it is pretty big:

To try to make sense of it I hit The Google and found a decent archaeological site map. I hope there isn’t any snakes - I hate snakes. I’ll use the same letter legends for where we stomp over and take pictures:

A bit of rotation and blend and you can sort of see where it all lines up. The Palace of 100 Columns lines up nicely at the top and there looks to be a few covered buildings over some of the site as well.

First up, we have (A) The Great Staircase and the (B) Propylon. A ‘propylon’ is a gateway often with large statues in Greek and Persian design. Here’s what a real one looks like at the actual place:

Back to the digital combat simulator - pretty good:

Ok, let’s climb this big column at ( C) and check out The Great Palace of Xerxes, which is to the right of the stairway and gates we see on the left.

Here you can see how it looked back when the English poked around in 1903 and stole stuff:

An inside view of the older (and smaller) (D) Palace of Darius. Really nice details in here.

The original (E) Palace of Xerxes has it’s own gate (F) Propylon as well. I really should get a proplyon for the back porch.

Under the covered North East end of the Great Palace it looks like a great place to work on F-15’s rather than dig in the sand. Still amazing that it is here in the sim.

The level of details on the statues is fantastic. You can tell this is a labor of love for someone at Eagle Dynamics. Great stuff!

The (G) Palace of 100 Columns. I counted them and we’re two short. @NineLine, I shall submit a ticket for a full refund of course.

The (H) Small Palace is one of the best sites preserved and is covered, let’s check out the. Oh. Frank, we’re not the first American’s here I think. I rang the phone number and it is a print shop in Fremont.! :slight_smile:

Great fun. I’ll go grab the shovels from the truck and we can start digging for souvenirs! :wink:

29°56′04″N 52°53′29″E


Can you imagine the worldwide confusion if there really was talk of a movie called “Indiana Jones and the Combined Arms”?


Remember in the 4th movie where it was briefly mentioned all the work he’d done for the OSS during WWII? Something like that could work with that title, and be SPECTACULAR.

So long as Shia Leboef is kept as far as possible from it.


It took me hours of flying in the huey trying to find the ruins. I thought it would be bigger :wink:
Also there are the outlines of an ancient town in the sand nearby.
Have you visited the other places they added? @fearlessfrog



Here you go! A GoogleEarth overlay of the sites mentioned in the PG Map press release…I’ll probably add a few more as I find them.

PG Map (2.7 KB)


Not yet, but plan to. It’s great but also a bit of a reading hole to fall into as well, in that I had planned lots more in the write-up but sort of got lost in reading all about how Persepolis got built over time. It’s a fascinating place/time.

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“World Heritage Sites Targets of interest” if I had dentures they would have fallen out. ROFLMAO!!!


Actually I was thinking about this…it would be cool if ED could add something in to penalize you if you put a weapon into one of these sites - something simple like how they take your points away if you frag a friendly.

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There’s bomb/missile/bullet in trigger area switches available. Easy to incorporate one if one of these sites is near your mission area. Bonus points for having the player fire unguided things while under fire themselves :smiley:

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This is absolutely great! What credit, what a landmark, so well rendered. They keep doing things to tempt me to reinstall DCS.

I was always a little disgruntled at the movie industry’s tendency to portray the Achaemenid’s as the decadent bad guys. For those who have not yet and do not want to dredge through “The Histories”, by Herodotus (even though I do recommend it, parts are even a bit amusing, when he exercises his scientific knowledge of the world as it was then known), to clarify this notion, there is an excellent, more condensed and riveting read by Tom Holland, “Persian Fire”.


GAWD! If I had a nickel for every time someone brought up Herodotus in polite conversation…

…I’d have a nickel!


Over the past year or so I have been getting into Egyptology and Herodotus pops up there a bit. A few good insights now and then mixed in with not so good insights.

And now @smokinhole has .10¢ :slightly_smiling_face:

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If you watch “The English Patient” it comes up to at least a dollar. :grin:

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Is that the “just die. Die!” One? You know, never watched the movie nor read the book…

Need to find you a better money maker, @smokinhole . Try “Bob Dylan is a brilliant poet”.

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