Indiegogo campaign for: 16 Days in Berlin: The Final Battle of WW2

Hi guys

If you’re a history buff or just interested in this like me: These guys want to document what happened in and around Berlin on 16 April - 2 May 1945. They have a proven 5-year track record of being pretty good at this. As they covered WW1 in real time on Youtube 100 years after it happened.

I’m in, so the more the merrier! :slight_smile:



Looks like they exceeded most goals and the campaign is almost over. 6 days to go and 190% achieved. This will be a pretty detailed documentation.

Note this stuff will not be on Youtube. If you’re interested you need to support them now or buy it later, I guess.

I received this link which makes me receive some small […] edit: link removed.
I think this is cool but don’t care about the commercial aspect. Hope I am not bending the rules by too much here.