Integrating TrackIR with Warthog HOTAS profile: advice needed please

I have a niggling problem whose solution evades me. I am running a really good TM Warthog Profile through TARGET for the DCS L-39; it’s much better and more complete than anything I could ever concoct. The one problem occurs with Track IR integration. In the TARGET profile, TIR Center has been given a LCTRL LSHFT F1 key assignment that is bound to the Slew Control Push function of the Warthog throttle. The problem is that this also zooms right in (a Y axis zoom) and is very sensitive, which means that every time I recenter TIR I get a very disorientating zoom that I don’t want. As many of you know, when you run a configuration in TARGET it creates a blank Virtual Device column in the DCS Controls interface alongside the columns for TIR, Keyboard, etc. My problem is that I want either to give the TIR Center key combo (above) a new button assignment in DCS or to disable the annoying Y axis zoom mapped to the same button. I don’t know how to do this, as I cannot identify or isolate those commands in the DCS controls list with the profile loaded (the TIR column is blank) and the idea of editing this very sophisticated profile in TARGET terrifies me; I have no idea how and it’s probably above my pay-grade. I am therefore hoping I can fix this in the DCS controls interface but I have no idea how. I would be very grateful if someone could advise me in easy to follow terms and I apologise in advance for my lack of advanced knowledge in these matters. Many thanks.

Probably not the answer you’re looking for but wouldn’t the simplest solution be to avoid TARGET and DCS key mapping altogether and just have a keyboard command for the centering? My DCS profile in the TrackIR software has numpad 5 as the centering key and numpad 8 as the freezing key.

Depends on your pit layout I guess but I’ve never found centering this way to be cumbersome. I also find the more I use TrackIR the less I need to re-center - I still bob my head around when I get excited but I must do it a bit less nowadays :grin:

Anyway, you may want a more elegant hotas solution…just figured I’d suggest my one.

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This is what I do. I have the home key on my keyboard set aside for this (ie: I tend to remove that key from all profiles and let my keyboard to the centering command)

Thank you. If the only solution is either to edit the profile in TARGET or use the keyboard assignment for TIR Center, I will do the latter but the problem is that I have to lean so far forward to reach the keyboard that it completely invalidates the view-centering. I will figure something out.

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Determine the DX command that your controller sends on the button that you want to use, and in TARGET, program the button for that DX command.