Intel 10th Gen z490 info

If anyone is looking at upgrading CPU soon, might want to wait a few months and see how the 490/Comet Lake chips play out. Looks like Intel is moving to a new socket (1200 vs 1151) so a new mobo will definitely be in your future.

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Good, good. I am aiming at a late summer/ fall build. My current box, I7 4790K, 1070, may be falling apart by that time. The main board in my machine is older than my eldest child!


I was getting the itch for a 9900k, but I think Im going to hold off. I think Intel is about to layeth the smack down on the core count insurrection.

Seems like I managed to to get myself a not upgradable PC again. Like every damn time.

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The only time ive been able to upgrade a PC without swapping the mobo was when i bought a 6600k chip because i talked myself out of the 6700k (who needs that?), and then the next year i got a 6700k and dropped it in.

When I built my current machine, it was with a 4350(?) I5 chip. I fully intended to upgrade that mid-range thing to something top-of-the line later on when those would become cheap.

So when the I5 became obsolete (around the time I bought my oculus rift CV1), the 4790 monster I7 (it was an absolute monster back in its day) was quite affordable.

That’s when I found out, my old mainboard didn’t even support it fully. I had to overvolt it like 210% to even get it to run!

The moral of this story is that this tactic isn’t really feasible. It would have been almost cheaper, and definately a bigger upgrade to replace not just the obsolescent CPU, but also the mainboard and RAM.

I therefore will no more try to skimp on CPU and aim for a later upgrade. Just get one in the top 75% where price/performance isn’t completely insane. And then in five to seven years, replace the entire darn thing.

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My 2550K still works ok. :upside_down_face:

My base system is now approaching 9 years. I have exponential growth on the longevity of my Motherboards. May causally be linked to the exponentially decreasing amounts of time i can spend on gaming, though. :smirk:

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My i9-6700K with a 980Ti is scheduled for a replacement come April-May. Hmmm. Seems my computer upgrades somehow trigger new Intel and Nvidia products.


My experience: Since the 286 came out (million computer-years ago) “they” pushed the ability to upgrade CPU’s. I’ve NEVER seen it work in practice; there’s always something that won’t work.

DDR 5, PCI 5.0 and USB 4.0 all inevitable. My upgrade path for a new PC is usually just the mouse pad and maybe the case, otherwise planned obsolescence keeps the trough full.


The trick to upgrading is to buy cheap crap to begin with.

We all don‘t do that because: Flight sims.

I wonder how long the AM4 socket will last. Probably until December, that‘s when Zen3 will release.

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Hopefully info from Intel & Nvidia this week via press info from CES 2020.

While my gaming rig works well with an I9-9900K and 1070TI (I may upgrade this is there is an appreciable improvement from Nvidia’s next round), HPN’s I3-4160 is past due now. ASUS is my board of choice, so happy to see that list. Waiting on release of the I9-10900(k) however for HPN (it does a few things so cores/threads are appreciated), and I’ll keep that build for 5-8 years.

Literally just few minutes ago a made a downpayment for my new PC rig…
…based on i9 9900k :laughing:

I suppose I should either:
a) hope the Intel’s new 10th gen kid on the block is not such a big difference to my shiny new i9 9900k, or
b) stop following HW news for at least a year or two…

…in order not to get too upset :laughing:


That’s what I usually do in order to stay sane.


Definitely this.

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Yea, as soon as you buy it’s old news.
Hence why I buy the best of it, when possible, so that tomorrow it’s still relevant.


They’ll probably be a price premium for 10th gen for a bit anyway. The best time to buy new stuff is generally 6 months in the future anyway. Plus I heard 10th gen has cooties. :slight_smile:


You sound like a man who plopped down all of the monies for a 9th gen system :stuck_out_tongue: