Intel 9th Gen Reviews

The Intel ‘Coffee Lake’ generation reviews are up, with the interesting ‘killer bargain’ probably being the 6 core i5 9600K overclocked up to an inch of its life. The best you can buy is of course the i9-9900K.

The i7 seems a bit over-inflated in price at the moment? It’ll be a while till prices settle down.

Anyway, for single core and safety getting up to 5 GHz, it looks like they have the edge on the Ryzen 7 2700, although you’re certainly paying $$$ for the privilege.

The processors are compatible back to the Z370 motherboards (if you have a BIOS update) although best served on a new Z390 in-case you have any money spare.

Prices Summary:


Here’s an example benchmark from the review link above that seems’ fairly typical of a DX11 sim F1 2018 constrained by a Nvidia 1080 at 4K resolution/details. As you can see, not a lot between the i9, 7 or 5 here:



What is the most CPU intensive sim we have these days? X-Plane?

I’d say DCS. Will you do an exhaustive hardware test for PC Pilot? :smiley:


I don’t do hardware. Like WW2 stuff, I don’t stray from my lane…