Interactive Fiction Experiment

I’m away for a few weeks (yes, @saghen, another vacation) so thought it best to leave this behind to distract everyone. Have a good one!

Type something at the ‘>’ prompt below.


10 points in 19 turns… I thought I would do better then that lol

Lame, IDKFA and IDDQD don’t work.

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Here you go…



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lol. im stuck in the pub…


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Apparently hitchikers guide to the galaxy does not recognise f-111…

Yeah i would blow the planet up for that as well !!!

I have scored -27 (yes, negative), after two hours.


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agh and just as I’m getting somewhere it crashes with bright red lettering giving numbers and something about an engine crash

Not surprised.

What about IDSPISPOPD?

Holy crap, I remember playing this as a kid.

No joy. Like I said, lame. I even tried yodajammies and helpusobi1.

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Konami code?

What? I beat Contra without the Konami code!

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10 points in 16 turns… thats improvement right? :unamused:



Vacation cut short. Back early. :frowning:

Anyway, here’s another one. Warning: It’s a bit weird, but if you’ve got the time to mess around with it then it’s interesting…

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