Interested in a Mudspike DCS World Fly-In?

It’s always been a part of the Mudspike vision to have regular community activities that bring us together, and I’d like to try one before the year is out. I’m currently shooting for a DCS World Fly-In the weekend of November 14 and 15.

The Mudspike DCS World Fly-In will be geared for all levels of experience and confidence:

  • Newcomers are welcomed and their questions will be patiently
    answered, sometimes even by knowledgeable people. :wink:
  • More experienced folks can meet up with others to work on
    multiple-ship operations, formations, etc.
  • Workshop sessions can be created for specific desires or needs:
    intro to formation flying, radio navigation, A-10C LGB employment,
    helicopter basics, specific missions, etc. Post below if you have a
    specific request for a workshop.

There’s still a lot of coordination left to do, but if this goes anything like the Fly-Ins I’ve participated in before…

  • There will be at least one server running a mission any time, day or night, over the selected weekend. (Please PM me if you would be interested and available to host a DCS Server, either 1.2 or 1.5, for this Fly-In.)
  • There will be a wide selection of missions available, often with many
    different aircraft slots available. Nobody should have to buy
    any specific module just to join up, but remember that slots will be limited and available only on a first-come, first-serve basis!
  • Voice comms (Teamspeak 3) are strongly recommended, but not
  • I’ll try to get both DCS World 1.2 and 1.5 servers running at some
    point during the Fly-In so folks who haven’t installed the Open Beta
    can still enjoy the experience while others who want to play in the
    new graphics engine will also get that chance.

As I get a sense of level of interest, I’ll create another post with more coordination details: server information, run-rules, mission schedules, workshop sign-ups, etc.

Please PM me if you’re interested and available to host a DCS Server (either 1.2 or 1.5) for this Fly-In.

So…who’s in?


I’ll try and make it out, sounds like fun. Only 1.5 for me though… I cant go backwards :smile:

I’d like the Combined Arms slot in the 2S6M near the end of the runway please.


I might have to come out from my ‘DCS and other assorted sims’ break for this

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This gives me a month to learn a thing or two- I’m down, provided The Boss doesn’t already have plans for us for that weekend. Which version are we flying?

Ill try to make it. I normally have Saturdays off but might have to work that weekend. However I will try to make a flight after work if I work,

I can fly anything with a wing…

I imagine we’ll end up with both versions - there are more MP missions that have been demonstrated to work robustly on 1.2, but there are some folks (ahem, @SiThSpAwN), who will want to fly 1.5.

By then, if we are lucky, 1.5 could be in full release :wink:

Of course I might have just jinxed everything :smiley:

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If I’m free that weekend, I’m in.

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doesnt 1.5 have a memory leak that gets pretty bad in MP?

I’m down to fly, who’s providing the suntan lotion and volleyball?

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Got you covered. They’re right next to my boombox that only plays Kenny Loggins. Don’t forget your Wayfarers.

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Did DCS F-14 get released?

Doesn’t matter. Any time I’m flying DCS World everybody around me is in puts on sunglasses



Ahh! Another good reason to delay my resume updating!


Hee hee EP, you’re timing this right around a new release – just like old times. I’d say go with the latest released version, but am looking to install the 1.5 soon, Beta or not. My 250 GB SSD is down to 56 GB free though…

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I’m in.

I would like to request that server admins allow external views and allow the ACMI recording required for TacView.

Anything that needs doing, I volunteer @near_blind :smile:

I will help too!


Down like a clown, Charlie Brown!

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Tacview requires the server/host to allow it? Is this why my online tracks tend to be empty?

Yes. I believe so.

I found this in the TacView FAQ:

Q21: I can record single player flights, but when I’m flying in multiplayer, I can only see my aircraft. What is happening?
To prevent cheating, some hosts are disabling data export. You can either record your flight afterward by playing back the track file automatically generated by DCS World for each multiplayer flight in the \Saved Games\DCS\Tracks\ folder. Or you can ask the host to enable data export (see below).

Since it may have taken some time for your computer to join a multiplayer session, be patient while playing back the .trk file of a network flight: You will eventually see the objects appearing on the map after some time (that can take a minute).

One other note I would like to post.

From the DCS Forums:

Saved Games/DCS.openbeta/Config/autoexec.cfg: (create the file if necessary)

net.download_speed = <speed_in_bytes_per_second>
net.upload_speed =  <speed_in_bytes_per_second>

To replicate old 2Mbps setting:

net.download_speed = 256*1024
net.upload_speed =  128*1024 

I noticed this on the Hoggit sub-reddit.

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