Interesting EA-18G flight...

Man…sounds pretty hairy. I’m surprised there is no way to isolate the ECS system, like pull a breaker or something. I have no idea how the ECS works in a Hornet…whether it uses a little ACM (air cycle machine) or what, but whatever controls or backups surely must have failed.

“The temperature inside the cockpit suddenly plunged to temperatures reaching -30 degrees and a mist pumped into the the cockpit, covering the instruments and windows in a layer of ice, rendering the pilots almost completely blind, according to several sources familiar with the incident and an internal report obtained by Defense News.”


Also the linked article about the cockpit overpressuration.

That overpressure incident that the article references sounds like a nightmare.

Navy’s been having a heck of a time the last few years with the Hornet’s ECS and OBOGS.

Yes. To the point that I think there was a mini-mutiny down in Pensacola or somewhere recently…

The Pla(i)ne Mutiny?

I’ll see myself out


A guess a mini-update (from Oct of last year) on the ongoing issues in the T-45 fleet…