Interesting F-16 Departure Video and Explanation

This is pretty cool. I was ‘sim-introduced’ to the F-16 departure characteristics in Falcon 4 where I found it amazing that they included that level of modelling in the flight physics. It is really cool to see a test video and then get an explanation of what was going on in the test.


Excellent video!!!

High alpha’s a region frequently plagued by dragons, even before you start introducing beta and asymmetric loading (due to either thrust or aerodynamics), especially so on modern fighters which already ride the skinny line on the edge of instability for the sake of performance.

@Fridge, I’m not sure what’s motivating you to keep posting things related to aerodynamics and flight controls, but please, keep them coming. :smiley:


That was cool.

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That’s gotta be some very physically demanding and intense test piloting!

I couldn’t resist adding a Van Halen “Loss of Control” soundtrack :grinning:

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