International Women's Day

I don’t think there’s many women here but I want to extend my wishes to everyone for a happy international Women’s day.

I want to stress how important it is to raise our sons to be always respectful of women and our daughters to expect always to be treated the right way.

May we be a generation that improves something in this sick world.


Hear hear!

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Good post.

I kind of recall (the exact timeframe is pretty hazy, I want to say in the late 70’s, maybe 80’s) when “Day of the X”, or “X Day”, started to become a ‘thing’, got more momentum.

I was in my early 20’s perhaps. My first thought was, “Why?”. Some people and events it made sense, sure - so we the people can take 3 seconds to reflect. The next thought was, “why relegate X to just one day?”. And I’m not talking about things like the recent “National Margarita Day” (fun but ultimately frivolous things, IMHO).

Lately I’ve thought about how this ‘concept’ might improve the world.

For women, using my wife as an example, I pledged to make it my life’s goal that she knew every day that someone cared for her - loved her. That was decades ago. FWIW, we do NOT agree on some significant topical issues, but no matter. Never verbalized this thought with her (or anyone), just made the decision.

I asked her about this very thing a few months ago, spurred on by an observation about someone else, and she confirmed that, yes, I have been successful with this.

She’s upstairs right now, working on something, think I’ll go tell her again…


In my country where we still have a huge disparity in wages (for the same job), huge disparity in political representation and rates of domestic violence appear to be on the increase, then International Women’s Day bringing these issues (and others) back into focus, even if it is only once per year, is more relevant than ever.

I do draw the line at the ‘Deadpool’ celebration though!


MWAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH. :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Mothers day today in uk

Me and lara baked a cake after fitting 12 truck tyres this morning.

I’ve never baked before. She has…

My 5 year old daughter guided her stupid ape of a father through the whole process.

We made a mothers day cake :rofl::rofl:

I appreciate this little girl. Shes already smarter than me


This is so lovely! :blush:
Thank you so much for sharing!


It was great fun.

I was asking what i thought were fairly sensible questions and she looked me, shook her head and gently took the spatula out my hand.

I’m 33 years older than her :rofl::rofl:





Intelligence and attitude…

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I’m assuming she also supervised fitting the tires to keep you out of trouble :rofl: