Internet radios

little off topic but…I am looking to buy an internet radio that has ethernet port or some work around for ethernet… and lets you pick and save favs.
Not dependent on subscription stuff…dont care about alarm but FM would be nice but not a must… I can’t believe there is so little on the web…
under 150$…


Wait, you can buy a physical device that lets you stream internet radio separate of an actual PC? I am interested now as well!

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I still have an old Denon device from back in the days that can do this. You know, the kind of thing that had the old, huge iPhone/iPod docking plug on top. And a display that‘s way too small. Haven‘t tested it for a while, might still work.

I think smartphones in combination with Sonos-like smart speakers killed that market, by the way.

Sonos, Alexa, Google Assistent or whatever it‘s called - tons of them can do it. They are all proprietary, but very convenient.

I think 90iu is looking for a more low-tech solution, though? So to speak.

I learn things on MS every day, why I like it here.

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