Internet via Radio?

The place I’m moving to can’t have a physical landlines- and the only option I have is this EOLO internet via Radio waves*.

Has anyone ever used a ISP like this?

*For the techie guys : we’re talking about 802.11 and HiperLAN non synchronized radio protocols.

I’ve known a few guys that live in the sticks in Canada that have used HughesNet…and they seem OK with it. Not sure of pricing or availability though…

Well here in Italy is about 30$ per month (under 25€).
The building where my apartment is is covered by no less than 12 antennas- so signal is awesome (or so they said)…
And from a Bandwidth point of view I have 10Mbit / 1Mbit. I’m actually concerned about ping and lag… :confused:
We will see.

Thanks anyway!

I lived a couple years using iPhone tethering and an unlimited data-plan in my appartment. It was surprisingly stable and fast. Speeds were usually around 30/10 Mbit, but latency was high - 30-100 msec or so.

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@Krautwald thanks! Definitely one option.
You from Germany, I guess?

Nope, Denmark!

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Here in southern Germany there is a company that also does something like that, with directional antennas. I am tempted to try that because the cable companies only offer very slow Internet here.
No clue about the lag, but the bandwidth reportedly is pretty good.

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@Krautwald :sweat: sorry. But you know what?
My wife has her father’s home north of Kiel… and from Denmark is pretty close.
If you happen to live close to the border, we could even meet! (When I go to Germany to visit him with the family).

@Aginor : well then, I guess I’ll be able to tell you that, after all!

No need to apologize! There’s a danish airshow coming up soon, might be a coupl meet up opportunity:

Heh, wouldn’t mind- just… work :sweat_smile: