Introducing the Michelin Guide for DCS World

Introducing the DCShelin Guide (pron. “Dischelin”) – just like the real Michelin Guide, it gives you brief, bite-size reviews of DCS World aircraft, campaigns, and terrains to help you decide what to buy. DCShelin Stars are awarded sparingly, only to the very best. Download it here:

Backstory – I’m in the process of completing every campaign for every aircraft in DCS World. It’s a very long road, but I’ve made some progress already. Over the course of completing these campaigns, I started writing quick reviews of them, in the style of the Michelin Guide. I decided, why not go the extra mile? Who wouldn’t want to see which modules are worthy of a Michelin Star?

The guide starts with reviews of the vehicles but it’s the campaigns I most enjoyed reviewing. There isn’t a lot of good information out there on which campaigns are worth playing, and I hope this helps.

“Why isn’t the Harrier/Viggen/etc. in here?” – Like any good reviewer, I only stuck to those aircraft I’ve actually put significant hours into, in order to give you an authentic opinion. If you have a lot of hours in your favorite aircraft and it’s not in this list, and you can write gud enlglihs maintaining the compact, rich cadence of a Michelin review, please contribute a few sentences about it! Be honest and unbiased in your critique.

“Why isn’t my favorite campaign in here?” – As above, I only review those campaigns I have completed in their entirety. Some campaigns can take months of practice to beat so it’s a slow road. But rest assured, if a campaign is reviewed in the guide, it’s a review from start to finish. See the previous paragraph if you’ve completed the campaign and want to contribute a review.

“I vehemently disagree with a review!” – That’s fair, and probably likely. There are so many opinions on so many modules, you’re bound to object to one of them. I hope you understand this is a book of opinions, not facts. And maybe I really am wrong on something, and 99% of the community agrees that the Hawk T.1A was the best DCS World module or whatever. That’s fine. My opinions can change.

“I found a factual error.” – Please let me know! If I said an aircraft has a PFM when it doesn’t, got an early-access tag wrong, or the manufacture year of an aircraft wrong, please let me know and I’ll fix it.

“No three-star reviews?” – There’s just not enough DCS World modules (at least, compared to the number of restaurants in the world) to really justify that level of discrimination. One-star and two-star is enough for now. Like the real Michelin guide, a module has to be exemplary to earn even one star.

A couple other points. Firstly, I’m not on GAW or Blue Flag 12 hours a day like a lot of you. I know there’s a lot of min-maxing around which aircraft to fly against what that’s insular to the multiplayer persistent server community. That’s not emphasized in these reviews, though I do touch on multiplayer a bit.

Secondly, my play-style is strongly procedural and realism-oriented. I gravitate towards aircraft and campaigns that capture the whole zeitgeist of being a combat pilot, boring stuff included. Hence why the FC3 aircraft aren’t even in the Guide yet, and why, for example, the A-10C gets two coveted stars when most people find it far less capable than the F/A-18C. Capable is one part of the spectrum. I don’t mind flying an underpowered brick if in doing so I FEEL like a warrior and get a complete, polished experience, and access to quality content. The F/A-18C gets one star (which is no small feat) because what it does have right now is top-notch, but it has a long road ahead of it still.


That’s really cool. I liked your description of the Ka-50 Deployment campaign…

“Slow burn helicopter combat and reconnaissance.”

Right down my alley. The M-2000C and Piercing Fury are on my to-do list…

Nice guide man! Looking forward to the rest of it.

Perhaps a regular web page hosted on, say mudspike, would work better than a google drive hosted PDF.

You really should try Museum Relic mate!

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I like the idea!

So, like the real Guide Michelin, modules can lose stars if they don’t continue to live up to expectations, or fall behind other modules?

I know, there’s so many good campaigns I haven’t gotten to yet. Slow road but I’m working through…

Sure, of course. I’m already thinking of giving the Ka-50 a star; it really is fun to play.

I’m 4 missions into the museum relic campaign and there is something about it I just love.
it’s charming. The voice acting gives it a feel of realism that I can’t explain. It’s fantastic fun and really really let’s me get the best out of my beloved sabre.
it was @schurem that convinced me to give it a go as I had bought it already but hadn’t tried it. It really is something special and gives a bit of feeling to dcs which can have a bit of a ‘clinical’ feeling sometimes

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Not until it gets a new PBR cockpit so the AP lights work again. IMO.

I like the idea, I enjoyed reading through. I do however have few points I disagree on.

KA-50 I’d mark with the systems tag, if you play with the ABRIS system it is VERY complex, and disturbingly Russian in how things are done. It is right up there with the A-10C on the avionics complexity if you use them.

Secondly is granting a star to any project that isn’t largely feature complete (the bug…) I think is not a good idea. Sure the module may be good at the exact moment it is reviewed, but it may also have various features yanked, redone, or modified in how they function (the harrier for quite a while) that would lead it be being sub-standard.

The Hornet is indeed unfinished work but the work that is finished is exemplary. The cockpit modeling is superb and the systems work so far is clearly built with an eye to detail and thoroughness. I think it stands quite in contrast to other prerelease aircraft. In addition, even though it’s prerelease, there is plenty of content for it already. To me that deserves a star.

Revision 2 released at

  • A-10C Stone Shield campaign added
  • After some reflection, awarded a star to the Ka-50
  • Corrected some EFM/PFM labels
  • Corrected some aircraft facts
  • Typo fixes


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Revision 3 of the DCShelin Guide is out:

As I’ve continued to fly aircraft and beat campaigns, I’ve expanded the guide. This revision includes the ACM training campaigns for the F-5E, the F-14A and its campaign, Museum Relic for the F-86, and more.


Cool…great reference for the campaign descriptions…!

Revision 4 is out!

I’ve added a few more aircraft (notably the F-16C), and a handful more campaigns that I’ve managed to beat (notable The Enemy Within 3.0).


Revision 5 of the Michelin Guide for DCS World (“DCShelin Guide”) is out!

No new aircraft in this revision, but I did complete a handful of new campaigns, most notably Kursant and Baltic Dragon’s M2000C “Red Flag” campaign. The biggest change for me though, is that I switched from using a free text editor to an actual professional page layout program. Hopefully you find this makes the finished product a bit more polished.

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Revision 6 is here:

Even though it’s been over a year since the last revision, unfortunately I’ve only added to this one or two aircraft and a few campaigns that I’ve managed to beat. I’ve been pretty busy with IRL stuff. But I am happy to release a new version for what it’s worth; I’ve also updated the descriptions for existing aircraft, terrain, and campaigns.


Thanks… I actually enjoyed the first one and will definitely look at the update.

Hi @RISCfuture , thanks for updating and sharing your ratings guide! It is very useful when deciding on a new campaign module especially. I find that those aren’t reviewed and discussed nearly as often as aircraft modules on the different forums.

I understand this work represents a (well presented amd thoroughly described) personal opinion, so we may not agree.

But I would ask you to have a look at the Mirage 2000C again. I feel that it has progressed immensely in quality in the last year, with major updates to the cockpit textures, models and animations, as well as numerous improvements in the simulated systems. IMO, it has reached the top in terms of fidelity and modelling now.

EDIT: I guess I was looking at an older version, I see now that you did award fidelity to the M-2000C in this one, but not modelling yet

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