Introducing the T-Rudder Mk.IV


Introducing the T-Rudder Mk.IV

(Shenzhen, China / Riverside, CA USA) - March 21, 2016 - VKB Industries and Stratojet Flight Controllers are proud to announce the new T-Rudder Mk.IV rudder pedals and show first ever images of a production Gladiator joystick and packaging.

Announcing T-Rudder Mk.IV

VKB engineers have further refined our hugely popular T-Rudder pedals and they have recently gone in production. The T-Rudder Mk.IV pedals offer a new heel pad design that makes adjustment even easier and more stable than before. This penultimate design will serve flight-simmers of all stripes for years to come. They will be sold through our official retail partners Stratojet and FSC VKB Europe as always. Pricing and availability will be announced soon.

Development and testing of the virtual toe-brake software for the T-Rudder also continues.

Gladiator and Gladiator Pro Update

Our Gladiator joystick is now in production and the first unit has been in testing for the past couple weeks. The Gladiator has passed all performance tests with flying colors! The Gladiator will be a perfect fit for those pilots who want an excellent stick with high build quality, immersive design and precise handling - all for a reasonable price. The Gladiator will have an MSRP of $99.99 in North America and will be sold through Stratojet and select online retailers such as Information about availability in other markets will be forthcoming.

Production of the first Gladiator Pro units is also ramping up. The Gladiator Pro will be the same form factor as the Gladiator, but it will include our all-metal next-gen gimbal with changeable cams. The Gladiator Pro will not include the twist function and will have a higher price point. The Gladiator Pro is designed for the discerning flight simmer who values extra precision and extremely rugged internals. Both the Gladiator and Gladiator Pro have inputs for VKB brand rudder pedals allowing the stick and pedals to be seen as a single device in Windows.

Black Mamba Mk.III and Vintage Black Mamba Order Update

We continue to prepare the remaining Fat Black Mamba Mk.III Limited Edition and Vintage Black Mamba orders for shipment. Due to a production delay of the special cam for the Warthog Adapter and procurement of the special spring for the Flight Stick Extensions, these orders were delayed a couple weeks longer than anticipated. We apologize to our customers for any inconvenience and we appreciate their patience. The Vintage Black Mamba orders require the production of the replica grip before those units can be shipped. We will continue to strive to fulfill these outstanding orders as soon as possible.

Please visit the official VKB forum at to keep up to date on production and availability news for our upcoming products. Make sure to notice our new English language section managed by Stratojet. A new English language version of the official VKB website ( will be coming soon.

The VKB and Stratojet Teams

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