Introducing the VPC WarBRD

► Introducing the VPC WarBRD

VPC and BRD are pleased to announce our first collaboration project - the VPC WarBRD!

The VPC WarBRD is the newest generation of desktop flightsticks perfect for piloting any warbird to it’s highest potential! Featuring the latest iteration of BRD’s world famous compact, all metal, dual-cam mechanics and VPC’s own highly versatile electronic systems.

Being equipped with the same connector standard and electronics as the VPC MongoosT-50®, ensures the VPC WarBRD will have complete compatibility with VPC’s existing and future grips without requiring any adapters or modifications.

The VPC WarBRD will be positioned below the VPC MongoosT-50® in the VPC product lineup to become the ultimate desktop joystick at an affordable price.

Targeted for a release in Q1 2018, more information including a full overview of the VPC WarBRD features, specifications and pricing will be released in the near future.

Stay tuned for more news on the VPC WarBRD!


Love the wordplay on WarBRD!! :smiley:

Will that bottom plate/desktop mount be available for the T50 base?
Let me know when I can order! :slight_smile:

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Very exciting news!

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Don’t suppose I could plug my Warthog joystick directly to it ?

The MT-50 is still a totally different animal, due to how high the spring tension can be ramped up (and how tall it is), the desktop plate most likely won’t be offered for the MT-50!

You can!

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Yeah, I suspected that would be the case.
Well, it’s nice to see more VPC products and especially that your partnership with BRD is coming along! :slight_smile:

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► Inside the VPC WarBRD

While we all wait for the release of the VPC WarBRD, here are some new shots of the gimbal mechanics!

Full scale testing of the VPC WarBRD began on Friday and will continue throughout next week. We’re one week closer to opening the sales!

Stay tuned for more news on the VPC WarBRD.


Looking good!
That type of scissor cam mechanics works extremely well on the BRD-N that I have.

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new WarBRD grip



I’m seriously considering buying (or I guess that should be ‘trying to buy’) the WarBRD base. I love my TM Warthog stick, but the tension is too high IMHO. I have a small stick extension on the way, which would help. I purchased that so that, for the most part, so that I can offset the angle of my stick, which is centrally mounted, without having the input skewed.

I really like that new grip… very F4 like. Perfect for the older generation aircraft in DCS.

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WarBRD base sure looks tempting :slight_smile:

My only question about the new grip is the size of it. I hope it is 1:1
Also lockable twist will be perfect.

I just snagged myself a WarBRD base. I was going to pick up the Mongoose CM grip, but it looks like they didn’t restock it. Probably for the best. The Warthog grip will continue to serve me well.


How is the base and what grip do you use @PaulRix doh just seen the time stamp of your post

I’ll be sure to post up my thoughts when I get the base. I’ll be using the TM Warthog grip for now. It was a little disappointing that the Mongoose CM grip wasn’t available to buy last night. I did read that there was a new grip in the pipeline that should be announced soon, so I’ll keep my eyes open for that.

The WarBRD had the BRD signature scissor cams. A really, really, clever design. The BRD-N, that I have (and reviewed) has the same type of cams.
Looking forward to see their next joystick design.


I read the review again this morning and it seems it may be a contender for a long term replacement for my warthog although I do like the look of the gunfighter Pro :sunglasses:


My WarBRD base came in last week. I have been a little tied up with personal stuff since then, but my initial impressions are that I really like it. Range of motion and feel are both great. The springs are far less stiff than those on the Warthog base. I am using the Warthog grip, which works perfectly with the new base (as expected). Having said that, I am seriously considering purchasing the new VirPil MongoosT-50 CM 2 grip to go with it. I’m in no hurry for that though.

With the new base, you certainly have finer control. For example, in-flight refueling in the DCS Hornet is a lot easier. In VR, I was able to plug into the S3 Tanker and take a full load without disconnecting once. Really nice to be able to do that. The reduced stiffness, compared to the Warthog base, also makes flying helicopters much, much nicer.

I was able to attach the base to my existing MonsterTech Warthog stick mounting plate, but only with two screws (I used the front two). I will have to pick up the correct plate from MonsterTech at some point, but in the meantime, using just two screws seems to work just fine as a temporary solution. This was definitely a worthwhile upgrade and I highly recommend it.


How did you find the software installation? I have read a couple of differing views. Does the travel seem longer than the warthog base?
Hope your enjoying your new kit :blush:

The travel is definitely greater. The software was easy to install, at least on my PC. I had no issues there.

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