Good day everyone,

I just wanted to intro myself. I got into flight sims as a kid with Graphsim’s F/A-18, A-10 Cuba, and Falcon 4.0. I used to call graphsim tech support weekly to ask technical questions about the Hornet to a guy named Greg :joy:I was a member of Frugalsworld as a teen. I remember BeachAV8R from one of the old forums ( Simhq maybe? were you on Frugals?)

Graduated HS, ran off to flight school. I did the CFI thing for a few years, night cargo for a while, then got into the fractional jets for a bit. Now I’m sitting happy in a part 91 corporate gig while I work on my degree in hopes of eventually flying for the big brown or purple cargo guys :slight_smile:)

I rediscovered my love for flight sims because of my kids. 6 and 4, and they’re already strafing and bombing targets on DCS in the Viper. It’s been a true joy for me to watch them and also play again myself. Thing certainly have changed in 20 years with visuals, fidelity, and VR. My god, VR is incredible.

Anyway, I’m excited to be back and belong to a flight sim community again. I’m looking forward to really digging in and learning a few modules ( the hornet, A-10, and Viper for now). Happy flying!


Welcome! You’ll be in good company here!

Welcome aboard Flysh. You’ll find this community to be a superior group of people. See you in the virtual skies.


Hi there, @Flysh!
Welcome to Mudspike! :mudspike:
Glad to have you here!


Howdy and welcome :grin:

Welcome aboard @Flysh! Glad to have you with us.
If you don’t mind me asking, what are you flying?


Howdy flysh, and welcome to the fold. Don’t mind the navy guys, they’re all weird like that.

Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone!

@PaulRix I fly a Challenger 650 at the moment. Previously I flew cargo and passenger lears, as well as Phenom 100/300. The 650 has been a nice step up in terms of everything (minus climb performance!)

how about yourself?


The Challenger 600 series are great aircraft. I used to fly the 604 and really liked it. These days I am flying a Global XRS.

Glad to have you with us here at Mudspike!


That is great! We are (hopefully) moving up to a Global within the next few years. Our principal goes to Asia a lot, and when he does he takes the airlines for now. We cover Europe and South America in the Challenger. It just barely makes it home nonstop from Europe most times, but a Global would make it easy I’m sure.

I certainly don’t miss the tech stops at Gander during the winter months :wink: .

Welcome! Loved the story about Greg :grin: