iPad Pro - 3 year old comic

Saw the new iPad Pro with its keyboard and stylus.

Hmm, this comic from 3 years ago. Spookily accurate! :smile:

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Well, I am neither a fan of Microsoft nor Apple, but this is super funny. So true. Apple just invents a strange new name and BOOM it is something they invented.
(and btw: Microsoft totally did that before. Several times.)

Yep, I think the current plan is to hook Steve Job’s body up to a generator and entirely power Apple by how much they can make it spin in his grave…

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Peak Apple? Time to break out the zombies. Everything is better with zombies. They just need to rename the stylus the “Zombie Shiv”…will sell like gangbusters…


I like apple, luckily I dont have money for it :smiley:

Apple and Samsung should battle themselves in terms of how many workers/a commit suicide in their subcontracted factories. Did i kill the mood? :innocent:

That might be an app in the App Store…