iPhone 4

What a work of technical art. In typical fashion, I found it stashed in my bedside table. So much tech in such a small package. Now to find a 30 pin cable…


Have one in my desk drawer. If they didn’t obsolete the OS I’d still be using it - and I could find a battery.

This guy’s talkin my language:

And I still have one 32-pin cable hanging on by a thread for my I-Pad 2 (still use if for reading). I recall when the I-Pad (and similar) came out. I said, “why don’t they put a phone in it?”. People thought I was strange - “it’s too big”. Now the smart phones are nearing the same size.


iPhone 4 was my first iPhone. Absolutely loved it. The five was just slightly longer, and was the perfect size, IMO. My current iPhone XVI-1/2 Mini (or whatever it is, it was the smallest one they offered a year or two ago) feels way too big in comparison. I don’t know how people walk around with mini tablets in their pockets.

I have an iPhone(1) with charger but it won’t charge. I have a 13 mini now which is quite close in size the 4 and 5.

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My first smartphone was original Galaxy S. Not S2 or S3, just S, 2010. Then went to an S5, S8+, and now S21+. In every case it was because the battery was worn down and a new battery cost almost as much as a new phone, so why not?

I got an iPhone 6 with work, then when the battery got worn out I got an XR to replace it and still have it. It’s a work phone so I don’t rely on it as much as my current Galaxy S21.

I still prefer using a PC to a phone though. I use the phone for texting, calls (GASP! I use it like a PHONE!), checking the weather, and killing time while waiting at dr’s office or car service pretty much. Then I have my Amazon music app for my purchased MP3s to listen to (because I buy them, none of that streaming crap where stuff can disappear just like it does off Netflix or HBO Max whenever they feel like it).