Not sure how many Spikers are driving or have driven iRacing. Weaponz248 i know recently. I started in 2008 and have been on and off since.

Anyways, it’s a big day for iRacing. Rain has finally arrived. Over 15 years since iRacing debuted. A lot of upset folks for various reasons: computer can’t handle it or they simply don’t like non-perfect racing conditions.

Not only are the visuals setting new benchmarks, but the physics involved with wet/dry line and transitions from dry to wet to dry.


Going to have to try this out for sure. All though I mainly do iRacing for the AI.

This should be a blast.

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I played some iRacing 2014-2016, but when I switched jobs I let go of it. It was quite cool to race almost all day around, but it certainly became expensive after a short while. I still get those Black Friday renewal discount offers, but never took them - somehow I’m now busy enough with rFactor 2 and Le Mans Ultimate, so I doubt I will return.

After a day long server update (8 or 9 hours? the crowd became very restless), the rain arrived. And it was brutal… in a great way. I think iRacing has taken wet weather racing to a completely new level.

Up to this point, I thought AMS 2 had the best rain “physics”… iRacing: hold my :beer: The one thing that iRacing introduces is hydroplaning dynamics. As puddles form and grow around the track, you are forced to find new lines. Brilliant stuff.

There’s a car in front of me! :eyes:


iRacing may have done it better, but IMHO AMS2 does that pretty well too, at least at Daytona. The glossy parts of the track are definitely more slippery than the dryer looking patches. And the track seems to dry at varying speeds, depending on what sector you are in. What would be cool, is if the sim could measure how much sunlight is received in different areas and set the traction levels accordingly.