Iron Front Liberation 1944 Still Going?

Whatever happened to this? Did it die out when ARMA 3 came out? I remember the campaign being a bit brutal, and did enjoy MP a little but not much else after. It actually looked pretty nice, although ARMA 2 controls always hampered me a bit.

I guess Red Orchestra 2 is the holder of the ‘Best WWII Run/Gun Sim’ now?

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Sadly I never got to play Iron Front but I did play the Invasion 1944 mod for arma 2 its precurssor which I believe a few people still play, maybe even a whole clan. I enjoyed many C-47 drops over normandy and the mods decent quality vehicle and weapon models

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Funny thing, I actually have the IF 1944 in my Steam library but I ve never played it - shame, I heard that community pretty much died out.

Played through most of both the Russian and German sp campaign and did some mp as well back in the day. Now, best bet is to install IF44 for A3 mod with Playwithsix. Not much action online though :frowning:

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I have been enjoying Heroes & Generals off and on, more off than on… but its pretty fun.

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That looks pretty nice @SiThSpAwN - is it a mix of gameplay? Got any screens etc as I’ve not heard of it before but love some more WWII era play…

Yes, mix of gameplay, vehicles and such. Its a Freemium game, but I am notorious for not spending a dime on those games and still enjoying them. Being free, its worth it just to load it up on Steam and see what you think.

Thanks - that looks pretty good, I’m going to give it a go.