IronWolf VR


New damage modelling. Hmm, that’s fairly terrifying…


IronWolf now has an Open World Test Map:

We’ve just released the first set of open world features for both single and multiplayer. This update adds an open world map that allows players to travel the wider oceans by using a pen to plot courses directly on the map.

While navigating the open world players will need to evade or engage enemy air and military patrols while hunting down convoys. In this release we’ve added limits to the submarine fuel and number of torpedos providing new tactical decisions. The submarine will need to return to port to refill its fuel and stock up on torpedos. Additionally, if a submarine engages in shallow waters they’ll be able to evade enemy sonars while the deep ocean provides no such cover.

The world map is scored differently to the other missions in that it’s based on what and how much you’re able to sink/destroy rather than how quickly you complete the mission. You’ll earn more points for taking out stronger targets and more points in harder locations, such as in deeper water or in a heavily militarised zone. The medal cabinet has been extended to display the highest score of each open world player that’s in your game.

Tech information

Much of the technology behind the open world map is procedural, this means that we’ll be able to alter the map rapidly as we progress. We plan to add new maps as we receive feedback and add new features to the open world.

We’ve written an entirely new game server platform for the open world simulation, which has been the largest and most complex task of IronWolf’s development. This was necessary to provide us with a flexible base that will enable us to deliver content updates more frequently and gives us the tooling required to accomplish our long term visions for IronWolf.

Our new platform will be able to provide the ability to allow multiple multicrew controlled submarines and other vehicle types to coexist and interact in the same world for PvE and PvP, but we have more content and gameplay we want to deliver for the core IronWolf experience before we’re able to progress those goals.

What comes next

In the coming weeks we’ll be adding in some more features to the open world, in no particular order we’re going to be working on:

  • Adding mines
  • Day & night cycle
  • End of engagement summary
  • Leaderboard system
  • Quest System
  • New open world maps
  • Resupply for rebreather, welder and deck guns.
  • Allied shipping and military to add larger scale naval battles

In the longer term there are some larger features we’ll be working on in the background, that will appear in the coming months. The most important of which will be a new enemy damage model with additional enemy types.

We’re really excited to get this update into the communities hands and we’re equally excited for new content and gameplay opportunities that this early version of the open world will allow us to add.