Is a way to unlock DCS MT CPU cores limit?

My Specs 5950X + 128G RAM + RTX 4090
Runing DCS-MT,the task manager shows only 8 cores using.Is there a way to unlock cpu cores limit,use my all cores.

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Hi there, @zhouyut001 and welcome to Mudspike! :mudspike:

I don’t have th answer to your question, but I’m pretty sure @SkateZilla knows.

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This is a known problem. The hard way:

*Run the MT version of DCS
*click “details” on the DCS icon
*click “affinity”
*Uncheck Core 8
*go back to DCS for 30 seconds or so
*recheck Core 8

You should see all the cores roughly level after that and considerably better performance, at least with late gen Intel CPUs.

Easy way:
*Open DCS
*In Settings, check or uncheck FULLSCREEN
*(whichever forces a change)
*DCS will restart

Result should be, again, balanced cores.