Is it Just Me or Has the Site Suddenly Learned to talk iPhone?

Something has changed…for the better. I can now browse the front forum page with my iphone. Previously that required that i flip it to landscape. Either way, I am happy with the change.


I think a while now. I flipped the default landing page to ‘Latest’ from the ‘Categories’ page because the latter kept changing in design as the people that make the forum kept changing their mind on layouts (it’s open source, so we run our own version here). It’s possible the Categories view didn’t like the narrower screen, not sure. Good to hear it’s work for you though!

PS It is the forum’s 2 year birthday today, happy anniversary everyone! :cake:


Thanks for all the hard work that you and @EinsteinEP have put in here over the years…


Happy Birthday Mudspike!

You guys keep it fun and looking great. The fact that it is really thriving today is a testament to your work.

(@EinsteinEP , COME BACK!)


Mudspike Hurray!

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On a related note, regarding iPhones and mobile - try the forum mobile app, you just need to add ‘’, log in and you’re set:

Eventually the plan is to enable push notifications on those puppies, so we can annoy you everywhere with a simple click of a heart! :heart: :slight_smile:

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At 3AM, when I’m out flying…and commenting left and right…ya’ll will love it. It’ll be just like being there with me…!