Is it possibe to land at enemy base in emergency?



I tried landing at enemy bases to see if it could be done in an emergency.
Does anyone know if this can be done without them firing at you?


I have no idea how official it was, and it is probably not “simulated” in your iL2 sim, but my Dad had mentioned (and I recall it from years ago, now, reading your question) that putting your gear down while under attack was considered a way of surrendering.

I am guessing the Stuka, Lysander, Swordfish, Chato, Storch, and any number of other fixed gear aircraft, that were known to be fixed gear, were out of luck.


You can kill AAA before landing :wink:


its usually when im on fire i need to land there :rofl:


That is a very odd question. You only need to try it once to experience the truly impressive amount of ordinance sent your way should you attempt to land.

Also, if you are specifically talking IL2, the result is entirely in the hands of the mission creator. If he/she places a historically plausible number of skilled units, the results will be very different than would a minimalist AAA setup using unskilled units.