Is this the first radar scope in Combined Arms?



Looking good!

Yeah, I think this is the first real radar scope, apart from the one we’ve been seeing in the upper left corner, which was more of an aid to the Mk.I Eyeball, a “map display” to put it in shooter terms.

Is this an Add on or actually in game?

Interesting. Possibilities are seriously good. Can you imagine a EWR Ground Control unit run by a human so we can get some decent AWACs or GCI operations?

Apparently it’s R-CTRL F10…

That is awesome! Looks like Combine arms might get a little more play time.

Now we just need to expand that scope out, stick it on an E-3…and @EinsteinEP will be in business! He does a really good job in the AWACS role already…

Would be cool to see a JSTARS at some point too…


Has change otherwise the radar scope


Very, very cool.