Issues with warthog hotas throttle axis

The other day I’ve noticed that my throttle axis were seriously uneven, then I made a research and got some software for calibrating it, after several attempts it has ended with a range that goes form 0 to 1000 more or less, the right one is correct, it’s value is between 0 and 16k aprox.

Anyone has some experiencie with this issue?, I’ve tried to uninstall drivers, calibrated again, calibrated with windows, restore default with windows, reflashed the firmware, unplug and pluged in other USB, pluged on other computer. This issue is driving me crazy.

Hi, @Akai and welcome to Mudspike! :mudspike:

I can’t say I have heard of this problem before. It could possibly be a hardware problem. Have you opened the throttle to see of there is some kind of mechanical problem? Something got loose in there?

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