It’s Not Every Day You See an F-16 and Russian Su-27 Dogfight Above Area 51

Groom Lake does look fun…


Gotta hand it to the Russians, they make some beautiful crafts.

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They made some pretty ugly ones too…

Warisboring needs to work on their title. It’s either American F-16 and Russian Su-27, or F-16 and Su-27. Russian Su-27 implies Vladimir Ivan’ch shipped a VVS Flanker over to have some friendly merges with the USAF, which considering the current political climate seems unlikely.

War “The GBU-12 cannot be used for CAS” is Borning also needs to work on existing less, because they’re terrible.

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LOL…oops…I double posted…! Thanks @fearlessfrog!

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No worries, I just wanted to test one of those new link posts, so picked that one with the awful title :slight_smile:

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isnt there a U.S. Owned Su-27 (or Actually 2 of them)?

Pretty Sure they were Bought by Private Company in 2009, and crated/shipped to U.S. and Re-Fitted w/ Western Systems.

I know there’s at least one Su-27UB owned privately.

and Considering there are no Country Markings, it points to being the Privately Owned Jet.

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