It wants to fly...well...eventually

Wonder if this was a configuration wrong setting, a VR wrong calculation, or a wrong EPR or something…(or maybe the non-flying pilot just screwed up the callouts…)


Me: GH. Look guys, nothing personal; I think I’d rather walk.

Pilot: We’ve got to cross the mediterranean!


I’ll take my chance with Question Air…

Dunno. I can see myself fighting a shark with more success than fighting gravity in a plane coming down…

Well there’s something you don’t see every day…

Thats a "tea with no biscuits " meeting there.


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They fail on everything except perseverance, gotta throw em that one. Not saying that I would want to be on that plane, no sir.

I’d love to hear the CVR on that one.

Maybe too early ratation…

I guess it could also be a huge gust of wind that sheared to a tailwind or something right at rotation… If I’m the Captain on that one…that’s what I’m going with…


The company accountant’s set the EPR is my guess. :wink:

Maybe Rosie O’Donnel bolted for the First Class lav at V1…

(ok…that was mean)

Fits the title of the thread…


Lemme guess- that ain’t exactly FSX! :wink:

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The pilot got his grass field takeoff badge :slight_smile:

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