Its about that time again

Yes it is.

Time to get your F-111 on

Some colourful aussie words in this.

And finally, the sad unceremonious ending to a wonderful aircraft.

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What’s the story behind burying them?

They’re dead, Jim. but not as we know it.

When there is no more room in hell, the Pigs shall walk the earth.

They’re worse than dead Jim, their brains are gone!

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Lol. Absolutely no idea why they were burried. One would assume the sensitive (for the time) equipment would have been removed.

The only thing i can guess is to stop some of it being sold as scrap to other nations who may have an interest in build construction techniques and material composition…

But who knows?

Maybe it is part of treaty requirements? I know in the US - they chop the wings of B-52s and then lay them out to allow the Russian satellites to witness that they have been destroyed.

Of course, Iraq buried a bunch of airplanes for some reason…