It's been too long

I could never get my FSLabs Concorde X to work in FSX: Steam Edition, and although I was able to make a few flights with it, the stuttering performance when changing views and too-frequent glitches and crashes watered down the experience enough that I just shelved the poor girl.

When FSLabs announced they’d FINALLY released Concorde X 1.3 with Steam Edition support, I was ecstatic! and then quickly disappointed to find my install just wouldn’t work: missing gauges, consistent CTDs, I couldn’t even get the engines started, let alone start the champagne and caviar service at Mach 2.0. The FSL support staff seemed to be in denial - literally dozens of us were complaining of issues but we all received the same advice: uninstall and reinstall and check back in the morning.

All was lost, it seemed, so I hung my dreams of flying the Concorde once again.

But then, I saw a 1.35 release and, despite the fervent warnings of my heart, I got excited again, re-purchased the opportunity to download the product I had fully purchased two years ago, and gave it a spin.

We’re back in business, baby! We’re back!

My brake axes seem to be stuck. Even if I disable all controllers in the FSX options, I still get about a 50% application of brakes. Makes taxiing a little weird, not to mention takeoffs…but at least I can get the engines running without crashing!


Good to see her flying again. Such a beauty.