It's here.....! (and other VR thoughts)

Btw, I knew you would break down and get one eventually… :vr:

Even after we kept telling him NOT TO GET ONE. he he

Nice, I hope it blows you away, I told my self I’m not buying another consol in the hopes that I can move towards VR.

Congrats Chris.

Once you get it loaded and locked, here is a quick demo that I like to do for people. The A-10A is not an aircraft that I think to fly often, but it’s a surprisingly good VR compeller. Check it out non VR then VR and the difference is startling. Then try the UH-1 and finally for the pièce de résistance, the Leatherneck MiG-21.

Small tip. If this is your first time in VR - take it in very small bits. Your brain will thank you very much and not give you headache that can last for a day.

Haven’t cracked the box open yet. But I can see the bottom of my desk now. Quite like sedimentary layers of papers on my desk. Top layer…current articles and bills. Mid-layer from around June/July. Bottom layer (what is that piece of pizza doing there?) - there is where that bill I didn’t pay was. And look…a manual for a game I didn’t even remember buying. Surprised the glass of my desk didn’t break from all the weight.

So…I might actually wait until tomorrow to unbox since I can have a beer and savor the process. I’m on call tonight and worried that if I get paged halfway through the setup process I’ll be bumming.

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You are killin me! :wink:

Good Call. Very mature way to go. You will be able to enjoy it tomorrow.

It’s like Christmas Eve. Plus…Kai will be at school, Marisa will be at work. I can just sit here unshaven in my underwear.

Not a visual I needed.

Using Rift and beer is not compatible. :smiley:

You can make a good meal while the software loads. Its a PITA.

ORBX Global Vector takes fooooooreeeeever to download…

Mmm…it smells delicious…new plastic…


It takes a while to load the software, don’t worry, you will be there a while…

Man…crawling under the desk…dust bunnies…squinting to see everything… I’m exhausted. Maybe we should just camp here for the night…


If you stop now I’m gonna have to drive all the way from Texas to administer a “Gibbs Slap”… :wink:


Holy Cow. I had no idea. It is…transformational. Really. And I’ve only just done the several little demo sketches that ship with it. I brought Kai over and he about freaked out when the dinosaur came at him. He actually had to lift the Rift to “get out of the moment” as it were.


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And I took some video of Kai’s first VR moments. It was awesome.

The T-Rex is pretty awesome as a first VR experience.