It's September....less than 3 months until Christmas

Hmmm. I’ll have to plug that route in and take a look…

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I’m good with a different destination - I was hoping to taxi the Icon A5 all the way from Maui… :wink:


Well, if you have an aircraft with a range of about 700nm, and the winds behave, I guess it could be done now that I looked at it a little closer (thanks to @weaponz248 for pointing out a possible route)… It would be an epic trip from Texas, but it would take a long time!


That’s some serious island hopping.

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Bump… ;). Maybe we should take a poll on the destination?

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My recommendation for criteria to choose a destination:


Someone ( @PaulRix maybe? ) suggested the Falklands. I think that’s a good one.


I have no dog in this race (at least not until the G2 gets delivered). But I am watching! because if it does, I’ll be running.

I love this tradition. Looking forward to reading all the reports!


I like Falklands too.
But there’s one thing I’d like even more.

With all of our Christmas Flights, I’ve been over a good portion of the virtual globe: I flew straight through Asia to Christmas Island, through South America to Antarctica and through North America to Alaska, and I’ve seen jets fly across Siberia.

But there’s one place I haven’t seen at all in my entire sim flying career, even though it has very diverse, beautiful and interesting geography. It is actually an entire continent: Africa.

Why not fly to Cape Town? It is in the list @Navynuke99 posted and I suddenly realized what I’ve been missing.


I think I’d like that as well.

Well, if we’re going to South Africa, let’s decide sooner than later, so I can start playing Musical Hard Drives and downloading and building ortho sceneries. :smiley:

Cape Town sounds good to me. :+1:

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Alright, we’re going to Cape Town, FACT!


Cape Town it is. :slight_smile:

Sounds good to me. Sorry…been a bit busy this past few day…

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Hmm…I haven’t touched P3D in months though…

Build ortho…or just fly in MSFS with automatically downloaded scenery… :man_shrugging: I would need a better “study level” plane to use MSFS though…

That is going to be the problem this year… MSFS with nice scenery but no study level aircraft, or more accurate aircraft but with not so great scenery using XP11…

I’m not sure how I am going to tackle the trip yet (both with routing and aircraft type). From Austin TX, the shortest way to get to Cape Town Is to head to Brazil and hop across the South Atlantic. In a small aircraft, that would not really be feasible, which means going the long way, up to Canada, across Greenland, hop to Iceland, then down to the Faroe Istands, Scotland and then on down through Europe, before crossing the Mediterranean Sea into Africa. :crazy_face:


:laughing: That would take awhile. :dizzy_face:

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