It's Snowing need Warm Dry Home

I also tried to upgrade ram and there was no matching to be found.
2x8gb Corsair LPX 2800mhz 14-16-16-36 1.35 v ver.4.24.

I went down that hole a few weeks ago. But in my case I found nearly identical 2x8 sticks to add to my existing 2x8 (both also from Corsair). The only difference between the existing two and the new two was the version number and date stamped on the sides. All else was identical. Nothing I did in the BIOS would make the new sticks work with the old. So I gave up and bought a new 2x16 and tried to sell the old sticks elsewhere on this forum. Hope you have better luck!

First to Message me a postal Address and it will be on it’s way :sunglasses:


Oh. I get the title now! That’s very good of you to just give them away. Surely there’s a Mudspiker out there somewhere slogging away on 8 gigs.

A bit too cryptic I suppose :grin:
I am sure I read in one of the threads where someone was looking for 16gbs.

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I could really do with 16 GB… Stuck at 8 since forever.
But honestly I’m in Italy. Let me at least pay the postage plus a bonus for your kindness.

Or let me make a DCS skin for you…

komemiute you need to send me an Address please.
Italy! wow picture Please :grin::sunglasses:

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So it’s mailed but Canada Post is having revolving strikes but once it gets on the plane all should be well.
Mediterranean mmm…

Beware as it’s coming in a large crate. Do not try to lift just knock on the crate and it will follow you home!! :thinking::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sunglasses:



I love your sense of humor!

And thanks, :slight_smile: , I owe you BIG time.