I've got an exciting new thing

Not really 396… I’ve got a 2011 SS with a 6.2L and a manual. It’s my dream car. The way I got it… Its a good story too.
Guy gets married, 2 years later shes sick of the SS. A manual new born kids… not so good. So he keeps it in storage. Then his brother moved to town. A few tickets laters the wife hates the car. The poor reluctant buyer says I can have it I dont drive it every day, but I love it on weekends.


No idea what an SS is, but congratulations!


car i take it?

This has the tag SS as well, but I reckon it aint what he means:


Congrats on the new set of wheels!

For those who don’t know 'em

I’d be surprised if that was only 6.2L as well lol

Very cool! :sunglasses:

Ok, I will quit struggling w Flicker and Not post a pic. Damn!
Sorry about my cryptic post. I bought a used Chevrolet Camaro Super Sport. Been working on it every weekend. I added a Hust shifter. This transformed the car. It now has much shorter throws while shifting.
Thank you for all the kind words guys.

you can upload 'em here as well. Just drag that photo into the typing box.

Thank you Sir! Here is mmy new toy.




Judging by your avatar I would think you would stick with 2 wheels! Former F-body guy with previous Camaro and Firebirds in my fleet. Now looking at a resto-mod 1st Gen Firebird (still searching for 1st car in high school, 1969 bird). Great choice on power train, no muscle car should have anything but a V8 and manual xmsn! I looked at the Trans Am Worldwide mods to a base Camaro, well north of 100k! I’d rather get a RV-8 for that much!

I would kill for a 69 firebird!! I had an 88 Formula Firebird a long time ago. It was a manual like this car. In 84 I bought a New Camaro and loved it till I totalled it in 86. Yeah, I love the f body.

Looks stunning @Maico !

I have to ask, what is the 0-60 time on that beast?

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Don’t answer that @Maico he’s setting you up for a humblebrag with the insane acceleration on his tesla :stuck_out_tongue:

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If I had a Model S P100D, then maybe… :wink:
My Model 3 isn’t quite as fast though. Of course, with a manual transmission a lot comes down to the skill of the driver. It takes no skill in a Tesla other than to hold on to the wheel and put your foot to the floor.

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And with that said, I am a lousy driver. The book says its got 426 hp. I think 350 at the wheel is more believable. Even the addition of the Hurst, witch changes the whole personality of the car cant make me fast. But now its time to come to Jesus. The dragstrip in Qatar is so close to my apartment, that I can hear them at night racing. The season is about to begin. I will give you my shameful times when I start racing next month. Paul would probably crush me in his wicked Tesla. They are no joke and he is a real operator. :sunglasses:
What I can tell you is that the seat of the pants driving in this car is amazing. It has a wicked idle and its bone stock! Coming out of corners with the tail hanging out makes me feel 20 again. I have caught up on all my AC/DC and Led Zeppelin since I got it.