IXEG 737 Classic Coming This Weekend

So apparently the long awaited 737 from IXEG is coming to X Plane 10 this weekend. And for the great low price of $75 dollars you can have it, Another $30 and you can get the manual too!!



I will not be getting this, I have no interest in the 737-300. Also dont have $75 to spend on it.

However for those X plane pilots inching for this release, apparently there is a lot of them, Its almost here.

Yeah…I’ll wait on it too. I’m still waiting on the Rotate MD80 to go on sale to actually…

I love the MD 80 personally, However I wasnt expecting much from it. Its a great plane. Still need to get an AAR done on it, Might do it this weekend, But I got a 12 stage Group B rally to get through.

I think the $75 price tag is a bit high but the $30 for the manual made me laugh!

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Yeah saw that too, was wondering if it was a general guide for all the 737’ aircraft or this one in specific. If it’s the latter then it does feel a bit PMDG like.

I do believe its just the -300