J-52 pilots do you use flaps?

I just started with the ju-52 and the flap selection is rather different then the other bombers and fighters.

Seems you need to move the horizontal stab after activating the flaps.

My question is do many of you here use the flaps at all? Seems the junkers can slow down pretty good and seems to float pretty well at low speeds.

the only real reason I have found that I needed flaps was for short runways with rather steep approaches like below.


Great job landing. Did you take off too? :smile:

I use flaps only out of habit. After a while it just becomes natural.


Don’t want to talk about that :slight_smile: :upside_down_face:


Ah, a good ol’ swoop-in landing. Nice!

I think it’s fair game that you taxi to the end of the street and those troops help pickup and swing the tail round for a takeoff the other way!