Jack Ryan

A very interesting criteria! I shall have to put that to the test. Personally I liked the 3D place names they used in “Fringe”.

You leave The Hunt for Red October and Hot Shots Part Deux out of this!


One of the great ones!

That is the lovely Blair Brown as Director Sue Joyce. Glad to see her still working. Watch Altered States for her great role; also Charles Haid.

For @Peaches and @Navynuke99, the guy in the FFG CIC that launches the ASROC torpedo, and James Earl Jones tells him “…and I was never here.” was the CDO on the real DALLAS when the call came in from Hollywood about the movie. He was so helpful, he got a small part. I met him once. He got out of the Navy and started his own company doing training on C3 systems. Nice guy.


Bubble heads can be nice guys. Really.

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JR Season 2 is out November 1 release announced.

What. I thought it was Oct 1st. Nice.

Yeah…he’ll always be Jim from The Office to me. :grin:


Might be a regional thing. I show it as not being available until November 1st.

I stand corrected. Must have been tired when I posted the statement above. What I saw was the announcement for 11/1, but confused an embedded link to watch the S2 trailer. November 1 it is.

I’m 6 mins 52 secs into S2E2 and loving it so far. Clearly the show runners do not want this to be a sophomore flop. Non stop action.

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Yeah, pretty good series. I watched all of S2 on the weekend. I was a bit surprised that there are only 8 episodes and not 10. i got caught out at the end of episode 8 and went…“wait, what? it’s over??”

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OK, but the rest of E2 was a little bit of a letdown, maybe silly at times. Started well, then the plot seemed rushed and contrived. Kind of like a cross between Navy SEALs and Point Break. Staying with it though.

I keep expecting Dwight and Pam to show up…